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Why You Should Consider Sports Nutrition Vending Machines
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Why You Should Consider Sports Nutrition Vending Machines

Vending machines revolutionised the sale of convenience food and drink, and sports nutrition seems set to revolutionise vending machines. Most public commercial spaces – from the shopping centre to the community centre – will feature vending machines as a familiar sight. And when it comes to gyms, sports centres, or other sporting areas, vending machines are ubiquitous.

Yet as public opinion wakes up to the benefits of healthy living and the dangers of obesity, vending machines are often cast as the villains on the scene, selling cheap junk food in public spaces – even those sporting areas where people are specifically trying to combat the effects of unhealthy living and inadequate nutrition.

For this reason, vending machines are coming increasingly more under attack. In this climate, Nutrivend represents a shift in focus, and very possibly the entire future of vending machines. By providing the products conducive to exercise, and very often needed for the replenishment of nutrients following a session, Nutrivend vending machines at once provide a far healthier alternative to traditional vending machines while encouraging sporting activity at the same time.

If your establishment encourages sport or exercise, Nutrivend can provide a boost to your business by supplying precisely the products athletes often need before, during and after exercise. In addition to this, the healthier alternative provided by Nutrivend appeals to the shift in public opinion regarding junk food and nutrition – there has quite simply never been a better time to invest in the future of vending.

The Right Nutrition at Exactly the Right Time

When it comes to sports nutrition, timing has been proven to be of significant importance. On daily timescales, there is nutrition typically required for before exercise (sugar and hydration), during exercise (primarily hydration), and afterwards (protein, sugar, and hydration). If you run any kind of sporting establishment – be it a gym, competition centre, school, or university campus – vending machines will very certainly be a familiar sight. If these vending machines provide precisely the products needed for sporting nutrition – exactly when they are needed – then the chance of their use increases significantly.

Tired from a physically exhausting session, exercisers typically prioritise convenience, and having the necessary nutrition immediately to hand will all but guarantee the use of these vending machines. Be it the much needed protein after a weight training session (a particularly time sensitive matter) or the rapid rehydration required after aerobic exercises, having the right products in view (as opposed to traditional junk food) will provide an instant appeal to exercisers.

The Future of Vending

In the UK, increasing awareness of nutrition and healthy eating means that nearly everybody – not just those engaging in exercise – are experiencing an aversion to the crisps, chocolate and other junk food traditionally provided by vending machines. A Nutrivend vending machine expresses in its very name that something different is on offer. Athletes may urgently require the nutrients provided by sorts nutrition products, but the general public are increasingly aware of the value of nutrition. It’s time to take advantage of that growing trend.

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