Flexible vending machine rentals that grow with your business

A vending machine rental from Nutrivend provides a low-risk, cost-effective way to test the demand for vending facilities at your premises. Choose a flexible solution where we take care of the machine, and you take care of the profits.

ZERO RISK ENTRY: Gauge demand for vending in your location without a long-term commitment.

COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION:  Our affordable rental and lease rates let you maximise profits from day one.

NV WHOLESALE PARTNER: Gain exclusive access to market-leading prices for the best on-the-go sports nutrition products on the market.

HASSLE FREE MAINTENANCE (OPTIONAL): Nutrivend offers an optional maintenance program to ensure smooth machine operation.

CUSTOMISATION: Stock your machine with the perfect selection of products tailored to your customer base, and keep 100% of the profits.

Ready to boost your bottom line with hassle-free vending? Contact the Nutrivend team today for a free quote:

How It Works

1. Needs Analysis Call

We help you to choose a machine that is completely tailored fit your site requirements.

2. Planogram Chosen

We'll recommend a machine planogram from our range of brands and sports nutrition products.

3. Implementation

We deliver and install your machine on site, providing complete support along the way.

4. Refill

Visit NV Wholesale to fill the
machine with products for your customers to enjoy.

Get Started with Nutrivend

Ready to get started? Or have you got more questions? Contact our friendly team to discuss how our vending machine rentals can upgrade your facility and your bottom line.