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The Importance of Protein in Sports Nutrition Vending
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The Importance of Protein in Sports Nutrition Vending

When we think of sports nutrition, protein is never left out.

This essential component to sports nutrition is vital for both recovery after exercise and the growth of muscle tissue. However, determining what levels of protein are required for specific athletes or workout regimes can be a complex matter, relying on other factors such as what other nutrients are consumed in tandem, the timing of protein intake and – quite simply – how much protein the body requires.

For example, a diet insufficient in carbohydrates and fat will force the body to use protein more for energy instead of muscle growth and protein consumed just after exercise will be more effective. All of this has important implications for working out the best means of acquiring protein when it is needed.

Certain products might be more suitable for different intake plans. Meat, fish, eggs and soy are all high in protein and can form part of almost any protein-optimal diet, but then there are the products for convenience such as protein bars and shakes, which many exercisers prefer to consume just after a session when a full meal is not possible.

Naturally, this has implications for nutrition vending. With Nutrivend vending solutions, the total control you can have over what products are offered – and where – allows you to tailor your protein provision for whatever type of sporting establishment requires it.

Self-Fill Vending

Nutrivend offers a Self-Fill Partnership Program, allowing sporting facilities total control over what products are offered. Following initial delivery and installation, stock taking, and refills can then be managed by the establishment.

This can be particularly useful for having the right protein products available for exercisers and athletes. A little market research can go a long way here in deciding which products to stock. When it comes to protein, this could mean the difference between stocking more shakes and protein bars, or natural protein products. It all depends on the clientele.

Market Research

The beauty of vending machines is that they offer a clear picture of which products are the most popular. At a good all-round gym, for example, you might discover nutritional products of various types are quite popular, reflecting the diverse forms of exercise going on there.

With regards to protein, it might be worth stocking more carbohydrate-rich ‘snacks’ or natural protein products to allow gym-goers to achieve the balance needed for general exercise recovery. In gyms more focussed on weight training, the convenience products needed for immediate post-workout protein replenishment can be stocked in greater numbers.

For track facilities, protein products may lose out to more general energy replenishment products such as isotonic sports drinks when it comes to vending machine space. There is no need for a survey or questionnaire as the vending machine is itself a visible indication of what type of sports nutrition is being consumed. Protein is an essential nutrient, but one that is consumed in different ways by different athletes. Sports nutrition vending should ideally reflect that.

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