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5 Offline Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Brand
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5 Offline Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Brand

1. Posters and Signage

Offline posters and signage can be an effective way to market any business, but these are particularly effective if you’re targeting a specific geographical region. For bricks and mortar businesses, for example, advertising in a local area might be your top priority. If so, using strategically placed signage to increase brand awareness can be a savvy and low-cost way to connect with your target audience.

2. Nutrivend Machines

As well as enabling you to diversify your business and increase profitability, Nutrivend machines also provide you with a viable way of marketing your firm. Our branded solutions ensure that your business name, logo and imagery can be displayed on Nutrivend machines before they’re installed in your chosen location. By choosing to customise your Nutrivend machine in this way, you can ensure that your brand is associated with healthy eating and energy-boosting sports nutrition.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. We also provide eye-catching point-of-sale displays and planned promotions to maximise the impact of your Nutrivend machines. These, combined with a machine emblazoned with your corporate livery, can drastically increase brand awareness and add an effective offline element to your current marketing strategy.

3. Events and Sponsorships

Hosting your own events or taking part in external exhibitions can be a great way to increase brand awareness and connect with your industry peers or target audience. When you get involved with sector-specific events, such as trade shows or conferences, you have the opportunity to engage with a B2B audience. Alternatively, hosting your own event or taking part in local or community occasions gives you the opportunity to increase brand awareness and engage with a B2C audience.

4. Promotional Gifts

Giving away promotional gifts can be a savvy way to gain customer loyalty and boost your brand. Everyone enjoys receiving something for free, so why not use promotional gifts to reward loyal customers? This encourages existing customers to return and can even increase their overall lifetime value. But the benefits don’t stop there.

When promotional items are branded with your corporate livery, you’re also increasing brand awareness every time they’re used. If an existing customer uses a bag or pen emblazoned with your logo, for example, everyone who sees the item will be exposed to your branding. As a result, you can advertise your business and acquire new customers while nurturing your existing customer base.

5. Live Demonstrations

If you want your target audience to be able to see, feel or experience your product, then live demonstrations are a powerful way to engage with your market. Whether you host live demos in store or out in the field, you have the opportunity to grab people’s attention and show them just how effective, fun or useful your products are.

With dedicated promotional teams or your own in-house staff, you can use experiential marketing to showcase your brand values too. When you theme live demonstrations, use branded equipment and signage or incorporate giveaways into your demos, you maximise the impact they have and allow the audience to get to know your brand a little better.

Combining Online and Offline Marketing

In today’s digital climate, there’s no doubt that online marketing can be a powerful and effective way to increase brand awareness and maximise sales. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore offline marketing. In fact, integrating digital and offline solutions can be the most successful way to market your business.

Recording live demos so that they can be shared online is a simple yet straightforward example of how to blend online and offline advertising but there are many ways to create hybrid campaigns. Sharing offline news via social media, running live digital competitions alongside in-store giveaways and using artificial intelligence to create interactive digital signage are just a few of the methods you can use to create engaging hybrid campaigns.To find out how Nutrivend can enhance your offline marketing campaigns, get in touch with our team today.

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