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Why You Need Nutritional Vending Machines

Why You Need Nutritional Vending Machines

The team at Nutrivend appreciates the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. We actively encourage gym owners to learn about our nutritional vending machines so that they can offer their clients the best sports nutrition products on the market. This delivers maximum benefits to clients.

Gym vending solutions can make the difference between results and disappointment caused by bad habits.

Mike uses your gym frequently. He is a busy man and he often buys food and drink on the go from your vending machine but the items he purchases are sugary, fatty and counterproductive to his exercise efforts.

It would be better for your gym and Mike to obtain sports nutrition designed products which have been scientifically proven to aid exercise and recovery when ingested before, during or after activity.

You simply need to contact us to receive a free delivery and installation of branded or unbranded nutritional vending machines on a rental or self-managed basis. We’re always available to advise you even when you manage and stock the machine(s) yourself.

The Facts About Nutritional Vending Machines

A recent study determined that the right sports nutrition and training combined can increase effectiveness by as much as 5 times. That could be a loss of a motivating 15 pounds instead of a dispiriting 3.

If you aren’t convinced that gym vending solutions are viable for you then please read on for sports nutrition information.

  • Fluids, primarily water or energy drinks, are imperative to maintain healthy hydration levels.
  • Protein maximises exercise efficiency, builds muscles and aids recovery. Many of the products in nutritional vending machines contain proteins. Amino acids are released by the proteins for optimum benefits.
  • Public Health England data released in September 2016 recorded that saturated fatty acids were being consumed well above the recommended amounts, except by the over 65 age group.
  • In the 19-64 age group, only 25% of men and 28% of women achieved their 5 a day for fruit and vegetables.
  • Calcium is renowned for teeth and bone strength but it has an impact on the body’s ability to contract muscles and burn fat. Calcium rich products release a chemical called Calcitrol which is responsible for fat storage.
  • Iron is a key tool to blood and immune system health. Oxygen needs to get from the lungs to muscles and a poor iron level can result in less energy and thwart exercise plans.
  • Vitamins B2 and B12, like the other B vitamins, assist the metabolism and produce energy in a healthy and functional manner. Sugar offers a boom-burst effect but B vitamins maintain energy levels under demand so that muscles and the brain work at optimum levels and muscle growth is maximised.
  • Magnesium diminishes muscle cramps. It supplies energy, reduces fatigue and helps muscles to contract.
  • Zinc helps the body to recover after exercise and to build muscles. It has the added feature of fighting infection.

Gym vending solutions set you above competitors and secure goal achievement for your customers so please contact our friendly team without delay.

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