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Why Choose Our Fitness Nutrition Solution?

Why Choose Our Fitness Nutrition Solution?

The Popularity of The Vending Machine

We're familiar with seeing vending machines in sports centres, swimming pools and gyms. In fact, according to the European Vending Association, there are thought to be about 3.8 million machines across Europe with a turnover of around £9.5 billion. There is a growth in the European vending machine market of around 5-10% each year with the UK leading the way behind Germany.

Statistics show there is around one vending machine for every 55 people in the country and around 7 billion items are vended from over 500,000 machines, turning over a profit of £1.5 billion.

However, there has also been a surge in health and wellness over the past few years and consumers are no longer satisfied with the typical sugary snacks and crisps. They want something that is more health-focused and that is tailored to their needs. In gyms and such places, they're particularly interested in fitness nutrition.

It is one way of tackling the obesity epidemic that has been sweeping the globe, and is a key way of ensuring people are motivated into eating better and healthier food. It is also specifically tailored to the audience passing through your doors and capitalising on what they're most interested in.

Why Fitness Nutrition Matters

Getting the right foods and drinks before, during and after exercise is crucial - not only for maintaining a healthy weight, but also because athletes potentially need more calories than the average person to keep on top form. Energy is provided to the body through fats, protein and carbohydrates. These act as fuel for the muscles and help to keep fatigue at bay.

Protein is crucial for building new muscle tissue, which is particularly important if you're engaging in resistance training. Carbohydrates are used by the working muscles to keep them going at full pace, while fat (in limited quantities) can help with the building blocks for hormones and with the formation of cell walls. It can also be used as a source of energy.

When it comes to what you eat post-work out, athletes are essentially looking to help with improved recovery and repairing any damage caused by their workout, increasing the muscle they're building, replenishing their energy, improving their immune function and reducing any soreness. This helps athletes to stay fit and well, stronger and leaner, and ensures they can get back in the gym quicker. It is therefore crucial that the foods they have access to are right for them.

In addition to what athletes eat, what they drink is just as crucial too. Staying hydrated is key and inadequate fluid intake can lead to serious health problems, as well as performance issues. Along with water, sports drinks and coconut water are great drinks for re-hydrating as they contain electrolytes. Coconut water, in particular, is a really great choice as it has a lot less sugar than other drinks.

We're The Solution For You

Nutrivend is the fastest growing distributor for sports nutrition vending and it's not hard to see why when you look at the comprehensive selection of sports nutrition brands that we have on offer. Consumers can tap into them before, during and after their workout to get the fuel they need - but also the foods required for reaching their fitness goals faster.

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