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What Message Is Your Vending Machine Sending?

What Message Is Your Vending Machine Sending?

We've been in the vending business for a long time. If there's one thing we've learned, it's this: the only thing equal to impulse sales when it comes to vending success is messaging. The message our vending machines send is critical to whether they produce the kind of results we're looking for.

So what message is your vending machines sending? Maybe you own a gym or leisure centre catering to locals. They come looking to get some exercise or enjoy sports with their friends. Several vending machines placed in strategic locations around your property offer them snacks as they come and go. The machines are serving a message, too.

Your customers aren't going to think fitness if they see machines filled with fizzy drinks and chocolates. They will probably think just the opposite. You need to change your messaging by getting rid of the high sugar, high-calorie foods and bringing in healthier options. Sports nutrition products are a good start.

Coca-Cola: Hello Death

If you're not yet convinced of the importance of messaging, let's talk about a recent fail out of New Zealand. Coca-Cola, an internationally known brand that ought to know better, recently made a huge faux pas by not paying attention to their messaging.

The company apparently wanted to reach out to New Zealand's Maori population, so they displayed a message on one of their vending machines intended to convey the idea of unity and friendship. What was the message?

Kia ora, mate.

Whoever came up with the idea was trying to combine Maori with English? Kia ora is Maori for "hello." Our English word 'mate' refers to a friend. But in Maori, 'mate' is a completely separate word. It means "dead, deceased or killed." When native New Zealanders saw the message, they read it as "hello, death."

The snafu certainly didn't mean the end of the road for Coca-Cola in New Zealand. But it did result in quite a bit of online mockery. The company had to go on national television to defend the message as an innocent mistake made by trying to show a spirit of unity by putting both languages together. We suspect Coca-Cola will be more careful with its messaging in the future.

Vending Machine Messaging Is Important

We brought up the Coca-Cola story just to illustrate how important vending machine messaging is. Just understand that messaging is more than signage and graphics. Your vending machines convey a message, as do ours, with every product inside.

If you're looking to convey a healthy message to your customers, you need to fill your vending machines with healthy products. That's where we come in. Nutrivend is one of the UK's leading suppliers of fitness vending machines to gyms, leisure centres, educational facilities, and more. We can supply you effective vending solutions that will convey the right message, deliver the healthy snacks your customers want, and add a bit of profit to your bottom line as well.


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