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Tips for Maximising Sport Nutrition Solutions

Tips for Maximising Sport Nutrition Solutions

Not too long ago, we published a blog post with helpful tips for maximising vending machine sales. Those tips included things such as placing vending machines in strategic locations and keeping the machines clean. Now we want to take that line of thinking one step further to address sport nutrition solutions as a whole.

Let's say you owned a gym somewhere in South Wales. On your premises, you have a small café along with several sport nutrition vending machines placed in high traffic locations. All your machines and your café combined make up your total sport nutrition solution. The individual pieces are just smaller parts of that total solution.

With that in mind, good business practices dictate coming up with strategies that address every aspect of your solution – in addition to the things you do for the individual pieces. So along with cleaning your vending machines and putting them in the right locations, there are other things you can do to maximise the broader efforts you are making across your entire property.

Focus on Organic and Functional

Right now, the two biggest buzzwords trending in sport nutrition are 'organic' and 'functional'. Organic foods are something you should already be familiar with as they have been around for quite a while. As for functional foods, these are foods with benefits that go beyond nutrition. An energy bar with probiotic benefits would be a good example.

Organic and functional are the future of sport nutrition solutions. Most industry experts expect both categories to enjoy significant growth over the next few years. Should they eventually fade away, you would need to respond accordingly. But for right now, organic and functional should be a big focus.

Regularly Evaluate Inventory

Far too many proprietors get stuck on a certain inventory and then never deviate from it. This is no way to maximise sport nutrition solutions. Rather, you should be routinely evaluating your inventory.

A regular inventory tells you what your customers are purchasing and what they are ignoring. It also allows you to eliminate unnecessary overhead if it becomes apparent that you are ordering too much of a given product. Remember, overhead represents cash you have taken out of circulation. You might be able to use that cash for something else.

Stay Abreast of Nutritional Guidelines

Lastly, people who care enough about their health to pay attention to what they eat also pay attention to changing nutritional timelines. If you want your sport nutrition strategy to produce maximum returns, you need to stay abreast of those guidelines as well. Make a point of reading the news, networking with your peers, and asking questions of people in the know.

All the vending machines and other options for healthy snacks on your premises make up your total sport nutrition solution. So whether you have a café and five machines or just two machines near the exits of your building, make the most of them by implementing the tips listed in this blog post.

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