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The Importance Of Good Sports Nutrition Vending

The Importance Of Good Sports Nutrition Vending

Why Consume Sports Nutrition Products?

As a leading sports nutrition vending machine services provider, we are aware many people have a hazy idea of what to consume before, during and after exercise but the reasons why are a bit of a mystery.

As a gym, swimming pool, sports or leisure centre owner, you should know why, advise clients and stock effective products. Nutrivend’s vending machines contain nutritional snacks for sport which include carbs and proteins because they are vital to efficient and effective exercise.


The ultimate purpose of carbohydrates is to provide energy.

During digestion carbohydrates break down in to glucose which is an energy source for the body. Think of carbs as quick and effective fuel suppliers. As you can’t run a car without fuel, the body won’t perform well without its energy. Consider sports nutrition vending machine services as refuelling stations.

Regular ingestion of carbohydrate-high nutritional snacks for sport are integral to success.

The supplies need to be maintained every day for optimum performance. Carbs are stored in the liver as glycogen and in the muscles and the brain. Please don’t fall in to the trap of eating a vast quantity of carbohydrates in the morning and thinking that the store will be full in the evening. There is a limited capacity for glycogen storage so you must eat carbs regularly for maximum energy and recovery benefits.


Wholegrain foods are a source of fibre which takes a long time to digest and so energy levels are more constant. They contain vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron which the body absorbs. B vitamins are essential for energy management and release.


Protein is for the repair, growth and maintenance of body cells and tissues, including muscles.

Amino acids are the basis of proteins and these must be ingested because the body does not naturally produce them. Sources include meat, fish, milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, soy, quinoa and tofu.

By selecting protein rich products through our vending machine services, you can be assured that the products you stock are healthy and beneficial. Many high protein products on the market have high saturated fat levels so low fat alternatives must be sought. Trust us, the experts.

For the most effective results from protein it’s important to spread intake across the day and especially around exercise.


This vital factor is neglected by many people. Fluids assist with exercise and recovery and as we know perspiration emits moisture so the body can cool down. If this fluid is not replaced then dehydration, cramps, tiredness and strength reduction are just some of the repercussions.

It’s imperative to hydrate before, during and after any exercise with water or an isotonic drink.

Nutrivend's Sports Nutrition Vending Options

we offer two vending machine services:

  1. You take a free sports nutrition vending machine and we deliver, install and manage it for you.
  2. Vending machine services can be rented. Machine installation is free but the responsibility for stocking and maintaining the facilities are yours.

Give us a call and improve sports nutrition immediately.

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