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The Data Is there to Support Gym Vending Machines

The Data Is there to Support Gym Vending Machines

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post discussing how fitness vending is perfect for the millennial generation. Much of what was discussed in that post was based on millennials being more likely to have gym memberships, get regular exercise, and watch what they eat. They also prefer the convenience factor that vending provides.

The point behind this post is to take that thinking one step further by discussing the state of the gym industry in the UK. Logic suggests that if gyms are doing well, tertiary businesses in support of those gyms should also do well. More people working out at your local gym means more people walking by those vending machines just outside the changing room door. And the more traffic a gym generates, the more profitable vending machines tend to be.

2017 State of the Industry Report

Every year a number of reports detailing the state of the gym and fitness industry are released. The most recent reports we have are those released during the spring of 2017. They contain very good numbers. Here's a look at a handful of the most important statistics:

  • 1-in-7 UK adults (14.9%) has a gym membership
  • Total membership was up 5.1% in 2016, to 9.7 million
  • Market value increased 6.3% to £4.7 billion
  • There are now more than 6,700 fitness facilities in the UK
  • More than 270 new facilities opened last year.

If current trends continue, experts expect the following over the next 12 to 24 months:

  • The total number of fitness centres in the UK should surpass 7,000
  • Total market value should reach £5 billion
  • Total market penetration should surpass 15%.

All these numbers are quite encouraging. Why? Because a big part of our customer base consists of gyms and leisure centres. Remember, we specialise in gym vending machines offering nutritional alternatives to chocolates, crisps, and fizzy drinks. Every new fitness facility represents an opportunity for us to help the owners make money by utilising nutritional vending.

Money to Be Made

Make no mistake about it, there is money to be made with gym vending machines. The data is there to support it. The only question is whether you will put vending machines in your gym or leisure centre or not.

Nutrivend supplies customers with vending machines and support service. We place the machines, keep them well stocked, maintain them, and handle all necessary repairs. All we ask clients to do is provide high-traffic locations and wipe the machines down between visits.

If you are not yet offering vending at your gym or leisure centre, what's holding you back? Perhaps you have always believed that your only option is traditional vending with the unhealthy snacks your members really don't want. Well, dismiss that from your mind. Our gym vending machines are stocked with nutritional products that will not only sell, but they will also sell better than you expect.

The data is there, you just have to act on it.


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