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Sports Nutrition Vending Can Work Anywhere
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Sports Nutrition Vending Can Work Anywhere

Gyms, sports centres, universities, swimming pools… These are all by now well-established locations for sports nutrition. The reasons are obvious. There remains among customers a demand for convenient vending (and who could blame those exhausted athletes?) but no longer a demand for junk. In recent years, such locations have experienced an overhaul in PR and now set themselves up as temples to well-being – the embodiment of the ideals of good health. Walk into any gym and just observe the branding and advertising all around you; large, colourful, and brash, health is the order of the day. For traditional snack vending, this has been a serious blow. In tandem with this shift has been increased public awareness of the dangers of eating unhealthily, and increased public interest in optimising diets. Gone are the days when it was simply understood that sugary snacks were there for energy and juice for hydration. Now exercisers and athletes have calorie counters, protein targets and – fatefully for traditional snack vending – an increased awareness of what goes into unhealthy snacks. Yet for all that, exercisers still prize convenience and so vending machines are here to stay. The result of this has been the massive popularity of sports nutrition vending machines like those provided by Nutrivend. In sporting venues and gyms up and down the country the freedom of branding and stock provided by Nutrivend has seen many of our machines replacing traditional vending options. But it doesn’t stop there.

New Locations for Nutritional Vending

With a public increasingly health-aware, and with the massive success of sports nutrition vending being increasingly noticed, locations and establishments not in any way associated with sport are starting to include sports nutrition as part of their vending inventory. What this proves is that the magic combination of convenience and healthy eating is universally attractive. And why not? You don’t need to have just had a run to be exhausted. The working day takes it out of all of us, and we very often require convenient boosts in blood sugar, hydration, protein and so on.

If It Has a Vending Machine, It Can Have a Nutritional Vending Machine

The newly health conscious public don’t just spend their time in gyms all day. From hospital waiting rooms to school foyers, from offices to recording studios, a mass of people waking up to the dangers of unhealthy snacks routinely find themselves in locations where a vending machine is a familiar sight. Why not make use of that opportunity? As the popularity of healthy eating continues apace – and as popularity of unhealthy snacks dwindles – it certainly makes sense to exploit a massive emerging market. Nutrivend machines come with full installation and personalised branding, allowing for a versatility and appearance that allows them to look at home anywhere. And with Nutrivend’s self-fill policy, you’ll be in complete control of stock, making it possible, for example, to go a bit lighter on the more obviously exercise-only products in favour of more universally popular nutritional snacks. There’s little to lose!
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