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Sport Nutrition Vending Machines, Energy Release Foods

Sport Nutrition Vending Machines, Energy Release Foods

Foods for energy release.

The way that customers of gyms, spas, leisure centres and sports centres eat affects their health which is why Nutrivend was created as a sport nutrition vending machines supplier.

The company was established in 2012 by retired Welsh international rugby player Scott Morgan to enhance exercisers diet and to offer consumers healthy, tailored to meet exercise demands food and drink options.

Diet and exercise are fundamental to health and it’s normal for sweet and fat laden treats to make temptation levels soar. Rather like a vehicle, what you put in to the body impacts on what you get out of it. A petrol car with diesel in it is in trouble, as is the exerciser who habitually falls prey to bad diet choices.

The body needs nutrition so we urge you, as the owner or manager of a gym, spa, leisure centre or sports centre to discard the unhealthy options you may currently be offering to your client base and replace these with sport nutrition vending machines from Nutrivend. Our range of stock maximises health potential and keep energy levels steady.

Did you know that fatty and high calorie foods are harder for the body to digest which is why people often suffer an energy crash after consuming them?

When people feel tired frequently their first option is to drink coffee. As we’ve seen in the press in recent months the larger high street chains don’t necessarily offer the best nutritional benefits with their caffeine hits.

Research into sport nutrition vending machines and the consumer

As a top rated sport nutrition vending machines supplier we have done extensive research and we know that too much caffeine compromises health from causing insomnia to mood swings to muscle tremors and a worryingly increased heart rate. A medical study found that men under 55 years old who drank 28+ cups of coffee per week were 56% more likely to die prematurely, for women 50%.

Happily, the many healthy energy releasing food and drink options stocked in Nutrivend’s sport nutrition vending machines don’t carry hideous negative statistics.

They are scientifically designed with the consumer and exercise in mind. We only place the best stock in our machines so you’ll find these proven brand names:

  • Kinetica
  • Ufit
  • Maxi Nutrition
  • Nutramino
  • Oatein
  • USN
  • My Protein
  • Scimix
  • Lucozade Sport
  • Highland Spring

The products are intended to be consumed on the go before, during and after exercise, at people’s desks, as they walk and on their way to their next appointment.

You might wonder why our sport nutrition vending machines stock items which have chocolate in them. After all, isn’t chocolate sugary, sweet and to be avoided?

Yes, in its mass produced form but all stock from Nutrivend is fit for purpose and impacts positively on health. The higher the cocoa content the more efficiently it lowers stress and blood pressure. Cocoa possesses manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and antioxidants.

Nutrivend offer excellent vending solutions UK, please call us for more information.

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