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Self-Managed Vending Machines

Self-Managed Vending Machines

We’ve recently read some figures in the Research and Markets Global Sports Nutrition Market report which have made us leap for joy. (Don’t worry, we warmed up correctly first.)

Thanks to an increase in the attention paid to maintaining an active lifestyle and achieving a balance of diet and exercise to stay well, the sports nutrition market is wonderfully healthy and will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

We were encouraged when sports nutrition became a recognised speciality area in nutrition and the study of the human body prior to, during and after exercise has provided an incredible amount of positive data regarding performance, recovery and muscle development. There is no negative factor with sports nutrition or with Nutrivend’s nutritional vending machines.

Sports nutrition:

  • Increases energy levels.
  • Assists with post exercise recovery.
  • Aids weight management.
  • Develops and strengthens the body.
  • Encourages good health.
  • Improves concentration levels.

Globally, sports nutrition products are classed as protein or non-protein. These products are split further in to protein powder, protein RTD’s (ready to drink) and protein bars. These are constantly being innovated and enhanced and alongside the growing amount of data reaching the public this means the sports nutrition products and healthy lifestyle choices are increasingly sought after.

  • Gym membership is rising.
  • More people understand the necessity of a healthy diet and exercise combination.
  • E-commerce has had a positive impact on sports nutrition.
  • And then you have us, and global firms like Nutrivend, who supply expert sports nutrition vending machines.

Nutrivend’s self-managed vending machines and fully managed alternatives allow sports and recreation establishments to offer the leading scientifically proven sports nutrition products to clients.

If you don’t have adequate supplies of sports nutrition products from a leading nutritional vending machine firm you are compromising your business strength and potential. What the client wants, sports nutrition, the client should be able to find in their exercise venue, a place in which healthy living practices should be eagerly endorsed.

A packet of crisps or a chocolate bar from a standard vending machine will undo their good work which sends out the incorrect corporate and health message.

The leading brand names in our nutritional vending machines:

  • Kinetica
  • Lucozade Sport
  • Highland Spring
  • My Protein
  • Scmix
  • Maxi Nutrition
  • Nutramino
  • Oatein
  • USN
  • Ufit

Many of our clients choose a self-managed vending machine, this gives them more control and convenience, plus they can always contact our team for advice.

Nutrivend self-managed vending machines:

  • Includes a free vending machine.
  • Free delivery and installation.
  • Unbranded or branded vending machines can be rented.
  • The client has control of stock and replenishing their nutritional vending machine.
  • A Nutrivend account manager is available to help you.
  • An optional maintenance programme can be agreed.

There are, as with all lifestyle choices, cheap and cheerful, ineffective or less efficient products but Nutrivend’s team urges you to resist these because they could prove as counterproductive as having an unhealthy snack selection.

Every product that our nutritional self-managed vending machines contain is proven. There are no fake claims, just solid results.

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