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Say Hello to the Wedding Vending Machine

Say Hello to the Wedding Vending Machine

If you are still sceptical about the potential of fitness vending for your gym or leisure centre, we offer you yet more proof that you can sell anything in a vending machine if you know what you're doing. Say hello to the world's first vending machine for couples on their wedding day. No, this is not satire.

Numerous news outlets, including the Sun, reported earlier this month on a brand-new vending opportunity being put together by a hotel chain. The opportunity involves specialised vending machines catering to couples who arrive for wedding day ceremonies only to discover they have forgotten something.

If you are a nervous bride or groom incapable of checking off your list before you leave home, here's what the Sun says you can buy from the wedding vending machine:

  • Re-sizeable wedding rings
  • Clean shirt and tie
  • Grab-and-go speech
  • Wedding gift card and pen
  • On-call dance teacher
  • On-call make-up artist
  • One-size-fits-all dress
  • Something old, something borrowed, something new
  • Hair styling package
  • Flip-flops and blister plasters.

We are not quite sure how some of these things work, nor do we really want to know. The point is that the wedding vending machines will stay in place as long as they produce revenues. That's how it works.

We Sell Nutritional Products

We like to point out these stories every now and again just to illustrate the reality that fitness vending is a viable business opportunity. As we just stated, those wedding venue machines will not be taken away as long as they produce sales.

They might work; they might not. But Nutrivend has been involved in fitness vending for more than a decade. We are not still in business because people don't buy our products. We are here because people want what's inside our vending machines.

We understand the scepticism surrounding fitness vending. After all, it's not like you see our machines in the same volume as those other machines serving up crisps and chocolates. And yet we still enjoy great turnover because we know where to place our machines.

It's All About Location

We would be willing to wager you will not find a wedding vending machine located inside your local pub. You are not likely to find one at the hospital, either. But a hotel in a popular wedding destination is another matter. You see, it's all about location.

Fitness vending machines are not suitable for every location – just like wedding vending machines. So we choose our locations based on sales potential. Fitness vending is ideal for gyms, leisure centres, hospital cafés, educational institutions, and a few other key places.

We focus our attention on consumers most likely to spend money on snacks and beverages with a fitness vibe. There are people who want a protein bar after a workout. There are people who want a quick snack at work but don't want something unhealthy. And guess what? Our strategy works. If you want to know more, let's talk.


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