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Revenue Generation: The 10 best places to put a Sports Nutrition Vending Machine
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Revenue Generation: The 10 best places to put a Sports Nutrition Vending Machine

Picture this: you're on the go. There are 20 tabs open in your brain, each with a mental to-do list attached. You've been awake since 5am and are power walking to your next meeting. You quickly glance down your smart watch, which is when you realise: you skipped breakfast. You’re peckish, and in need of a quick boost. As if by magic, there it is—a state-of-the-art sports nutrition vending machine from Nutrivend, ready to fuel your body and mind quickly so you can get back to your busy day.

Well – maybe you don’t think it’s that magical. But it’s quick, it’s convenient, and it allows you to fuel your active lifestyle without compromising on your snack choices.

It seems only natural that the demand for vending machines is rising, with self-serve, contactless retail exploding in popularity. But where’s the best place to put them to maximise on their revenue generation?

In this blog post, we're going to explore the ten best places to put vending machines. So, let's explore the world of sports nutrition on the go:

1. Gyms and Fitness Centres:

Let's start with the obvious choice—gyms and fitness centres. This is where it all begins! Placing a sports nutrition vending machine in an easy-to-see place in your fitness centre ensures that both gym staff and gym-goers alike have easy access to pre, during and post-workout snacks and drinks. It's all about convenience, healthy choices, and fuelling your health and fitness goals.

2. Office Break Rooms:

Who says office life has to mean bad instant coffee and water coolers? Installing a sports nutrition vending machine in the office can provide a healthy alternative to typical break-time snacking. Boost productivity, keep energy levels up with a protein bar or a revitalizing drink, and show your employees you care about their wellbeing with a vending machine that has a great selection of healthier options.

3. Factories and Manufacturing Plants:

Workplace wellness extends beyond the office cubicles. Factories and manufacturing plants are a perfect place to refuel and recharge your workforce during those well-deserved breaks. Have you considered placing a sports nutrition vending machine in a factory or manufacturing plant? Offering hydrating drinks that aren’t full of sugar, and providing healthier options for an energy boost will support employees who are engaged in physically demanding work.

4. Universities and College Campuses:

Uni life can be a whirlwind, with back-to-back lectures, seminars, and extracurricular activities. A sports nutrition vending machine on campus can be a game-changer – if you can identify the busiest areas in your school, college or campus, you could be offering quick and nutritious options for hundreds of students and staff between classes or during late-night study sessions every day.

5. Theme Parks:

Amusement parks are a great place to put a vending machine because they're always crowded and full of people who are queuing for long periods, as well as using up lots of adrenaline and energy on rides! People who are visiting an amusement park are often looking for a quick and easy way to get a snack or drink, and a vending machine that provides healthier options shows you are conscious of your customers’ wellbeing.

6. Health and Wellness Events:

Physical and mental health events are growing in popularity every year – with events like Elevate, and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival getting thousands of attendees annually. Health and wellness events are hotspots for like-minded individuals striving for a healthier lifestyle. Placing a sports nutrition vending machine seems like a no-brainer – they can ensure participants have convenient access to fuel their bodies and stay energized during the festivities.

7. Dance, Yoga and Pilates Studios:

Although gyms seem to be the obvious option for a vending machine, people forget about the dance studio as a place where nutritious fuel will be needed! Not to mention the flexibility, strength, fitness and mindfulness that are needed for yoga and Pilates. Complement these practices with a sports nutrition vending machine. Offer post-workout protein shakes and replenishing snacks that focus on muscle recovery and mental focus; it's the perfect synergy of physical and nutritional well-being.

8. Sports Clubs and Associations:

From football to rugby, swimming to tennis, sports clubs and associations are gathering places for athletes of all ages and levels. Cater to their needs by installing a sports nutrition vending machine. It's a winning strategy to enhance performance, recovery, and overall athletic success.

9. Airports and Travel Hubs:

Let’s not forget about those on the move! Airports, train stations and bus stations are always bustling with busy people in transit. Installing a sports nutrition vending machine here provides weary travellers with convenient, nutritious options, helping them stay energized and focused during their journeys.

10. Hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Last, but certainly not least - hospitals and healthcare facilities are a great place to put a vending machine because they're always busy. People who are visiting or working at a hospital are often looking for a quick and easy way to get a snack or drink so that they can get back to their loved ones, or dash back to their busy ward.

Summing Up:

So, there you have it – our 10 Best Locations for our sports nutrition vending machines. Here are some additional tips when considering where the best place may be to put a vending machine:

Traffic flow. You want to put your vending machine in high footfall areas, where lots of people are constantly passing by.

Demographics. Who are the people who will be using your vending machine? What are their needs?

Consider the competition. Are there already other vending machines in the area? If so, what are they offering?

Accessibility. Make sure your vending machine is easy to access for people of all abilities.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of choosing the best place to put a vending machine and maximize your profits.

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