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Powerhouse Sports Nutrition Products

Powerhouse Sports Nutrition Products

At Nutrivend we are always keen to see new developments in sports nutrition and to tell you about them. You can be sure that we only feature the best ideas and products.

Sports nutrition products help exercisers before, during and after activities.

When someone is working out at the gym they want optimum results and nutritional vending machines should be on site to ensure that they don’t ruin their good work with an unhealthy food or drink choice.

We offer gym vending solutions which contain items that maximise efficiency and recovery. Your clients deserve the best in sports nutrition products, from proteins to nitrates and sports hydration.


Nitrates are found in root vegetables, fruits and grains. Nitrate is the salt of nitric acid.

They increase the tolerance in the body which means that when demanding exercise is undertaken the body copes better and produces more energy. Nitrates lower the amount of oxygen that the body needs to achieve movement.

In simple terms (and not a scientific representation) without nitrates 100 breaths may equate to 50 push ups. With nitrates, 100 breaths can achieve higher amounts of push ups, dependant on the exerciser as their muscle composition alters. Same input but greater results.

It has been discovered that players of team sports can benefit from nutritional products which contain nitrates too. As players are not always in motion the nitrate allows them to enter in to activity more fluidly.


Proteins build and maintain body mass.

Muscle growth will only occur with diet and exercise so if it is the primary aim of the individual to increase muscles then simply drinking a protein shake won’t achieve their objective.

Power athletes need more protein than their endurance counterparts. A diet that has the right amount of carbohydrates and fat ensures that less protein is used throughout exercise, this allows it to divert in to lean body mass. Protein ingested within two hours of exercise helps muscle repair alongside growth.

A client at your gym vending machine will be acting counterproductively if they reach for chocolate or fast food. They need to eat the best products in sports nutrition. We can help you to deliver these items to your client base.

Our Sports Nutrition Products and Vending

Nutrivend has two options for gyms, sports centres and swimming pool owners:

Self-managed rental vending machine services:

  • Includes free gym vending solutions delivery and installation.
  • Either unbranded or branded vending machine choices.
  • Client controls the stocking of the machine.
  • Availability of a Nutrivend Account Manager’s services.
  • An optional maintenance programme.

The fully managed package:

  • Includes a free branded vending machine.
  • Machines may have cashless payment systems or note readers.
  • Requires no effort from your staff.
  • Is tailored to your business requirements.
  • Stock and maintenance tasks are coordinated by Nutrivend’s team.
  • Technical assistance is efficient.
  • Point of sale material is supplied to increase revenue.

As new scientifically proven products arrive Nutrivend will bring gym vending solutions to clients’ attention. We’ll work together to make the greatest achievements, one nutritional vending machine after another.

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