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Our Gym Vending Machines Are Great for Schools as Well

Our Gym Vending Machines Are Great for Schools as Well

With school back in full swing after the long summer holidays, there is a growing number of parents really concerned about the unhealthy food choices their children are offered within school. Parents across the UK are pushing to have unhealthy vending machines removed from school premises without delay. We have a better idea: let us replace them with Nutrivend gym vending machines.

Our gym vending machines are not so designated because they only work in gyms and leisure centres. We call them gym vending machines because the products they dispense are healthy products we know gym users appreciate. We could just as easily call them healthy vending machines. Sometimes we do.

The point of all of this is to say that vending machines are not evil. They are machines, period. All they do is dispense products placed in them by their human owners. So if we want unhealthy vending food out of schools, common sense dictates we simply replace what is in the machines. The machines themselves can still be used to promote healthy eating by stocking them with healthy products.

Survey Shows Parental Concern

As long as we are talking about putting gym vending machines in schools, it might be helpful to know just what parents are concerned about. A recent survey conducted by the Children's Food Campaign highlights a number of different issues that have captured the attention of British parents.

They are concerned about:

  • schools selling unhealthy foods
  • ice cream vans setting up shop in front of schools
  • schools allowing kids to bring high fat, sugar, and salt snacks to school
  • advertising efforts they believe are squarely aimed at children
  • product packaging that features kid-friendly images
  • products being marketed as healthy when they are really not.

The results of the survey are quite fascinating when you dig into them. Ironically though, far too many parents put the onus on schools to protect their children from unhealthy eating. Parents themselves should be taking a more active role by educating their children and insisting that their little ones learn how to make healthy choices as they grow.

New Vending Machines a Good First Step

There are lots of things that can be done to change the way both young people and adults make food choices. Changing what vending machines dispense is a good first step. Here at Nutrivend, we are big proponents of reducing the demand for unhealthy foods by replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Our gym vending machines are stocked with energy drinks, protein bars, and other healthy products compatible with a healthier lifestyle. That is why our machines generate so much revenue at gyms, leisure centres, and medical facilities. If you are ready to take that first step on your own premises, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let's sit down and talk about how healthier vending machines can both improve your bottom line and give your customers better choices for snacking.


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