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Nutrivend’s Sport Nutrition Vending Machine + You

Nutrivend’s Sport Nutrition Vending Machine + You

Regular exercise in gyms, spas, leisure centres and sports centres has a vital roll to play in the nation’s health, so too does diet.

Just take a look at your vending machine, does it offer the best selection of energy efficient refreshments and nutritional options to consolidate the good work done by your customer or do you offer quick fix, high sugar energy shot followed by the inevitable crash foods and drinks?

Your customer deserves the best forms of fuel before, during and after exercise which is why Scott Morgan and the team at Nutrivend want you to investigate the benefits of sport nutrition vending machines. The top brands that you’d expect to see in a top level vending solutions UK facility are present. From Kinetica to Scimix to Lucozade Sport.

Nutrivend's Vending Machine Options

Nutrivend offer two options for gyms, spas, leisure centres, sports centres and any establishment that wishes to offer excellence with a scientifically proven range of foods and drinks.1. A free vending machine + A fully managed package.

Your team won’t need to actively manage our sport nutrition vending machines. They’re (it’s) delivered, installed, stocked and restocked by Nutrivend’s professional staff. Expert assistance is available and maintenance is co-ordinated by us. 2. A free delivery/install + Rental agreement + Self management.

One or more sport nutrition vending machines are delivered and installed for free. The client takes over the day to day management and restocking responsibilities whilst paying a fee to Nutrivend. You have access to a friendly account manager and helpline so we’re still available to help.

Let’s take a look at the nutrition basics – here are a few examples of nutrition that the human body needs to maintain energy levels.


Hydration is essential. Need we say more?


Almonds contain proteins, vitamin B2, copper and manganese. All of these keep energy and oxygen flowing through the body, vital when you exercise.


This is a rich source of magnesium which is essential for energy release. Its calcium content is great for bone strength.

Protein milk – flavoured and unflavoured.

This milk contains protein whey and casein which deliver amino acids to muscles slowly so that energy is long term and consistent. This also helps muscle growth.


Fibre takes a long time to process through the digestive system which means that it dispenses energy more slowly but efficiently. This supports exercise and makes the consumer feel fuller for longer. There is no energy high, energy low and no appetite for sugary snacks. What could be better?


Natural honey is nature’s homemade energy drink. It’s a sweetener with health benefits. Natural honey in food options acts as a time release food. Prior to exercise it’s fuel, after exercise it’s perfect to restore muscles.

Vitamin B rich cereals

The vitamin B group (1-12) is designed for energy release which aids exercise as effective fuel and sustains levels which makes goal achievement easier and comfort foods wholly undesirable.

Nutrivend’s team are waiting to help you.

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