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Nutrivend, A Sports Nutrition Distributor

Nutrivend, A Sports Nutrition Distributor

Sports Nutrition Distributor

When it comes to nutritionally-balanced and protein-packed snacks on-the-go, Nutrivend are really changing the game. Having shared their enthusiasm for health and fitness throughout the UK’s pools, gyms and leisure centres since 2012, they have become the fastest-growing sports nutrition distributor and, they don’t plan to stop now!

Why Choose Nutrivend As Your Sports Nutrition Distributor?

Hours in the gym mean very little if athletes don’t fuel their bodies responsibly. With an increasing amount of unhealthy “health” foods loaded with fat, sugar and salt hitting the shelves, it’s becoming more and more difficult to beat the temptation and choose the healthiest option.

Busy schedules mean that it isn’t always possible to prepare balanced post-workout meals at home, and the need for easily accessible quick snacks is becoming more of a priority than ever.

It is with this in mind that a sports nutrition distributor such as ourselves have developed comprehensive vending machine solutions, combining over 15 years experience in both the sports nutrition and vending machine industries to revolutionise convenience food.

In order to provide food options which are both delicious and nutritionally balanced, Nutrivend only works with the most trustworthy and high-quality brands on the market. They have partnered with a number of highly established names, such as Maxinutrition, Lucozade Sport, Myprotein and Oatein, to encourage responsible snacking before and after workouts. It is their dedication to increasing energy levels, strengthening the body and aiding weight management which has secured them such a positive reputation amongst these leading brands.

Package One: Fully-Managed Vending Services

With Nutrivend’s fully-managed vending services, providing your customers with the highest-quality sports nutrition has never been easier. Their comprehensive package has everything covered, from the delivery and installation of the vending machine through to general maintenance and the stocking of the shelves.
Each machine comes equipped with either a cashless payment system or note reader, prioritising convenience for both your company and your clients. The fully-managed vending service requires very little effort from your staff, and comprehensive technical assistance is just a phone call away. The best part of the service? The machine itself is free!

Package Two: Self-Filling Vending Services

For the outlets who want full control over the stock takes and refills of their vending machine, Nutrivend’s self-filling solutions might be the best option for you. Although it differs slightly from the fully-managed service, this package still offers the free delivery and installation of a branded or unbranded vending machine.
After this, you have complete control over the stocking and replenishment of the machine - all with the help of a dedicated Account Manager. This package, which even provides an optional maintenance program, offers a positive balance between flexibility and time-saving support measures.

If you’re looking to promote sports nutrition, offer responsible snack choices and increase the revenue of your pool, gym or leisure centre, our selection of vending machine solutions are available to help. In the interest of sharing our expert advice, we even offer a free, no-obligations quote on our website and can be reached by telephone or email.

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