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Nutritionists Weigh-In on Vending Machine Choices

Nutritionists Weigh-In on Vending Machine Choices

A small group of your customers walk out of the gym after finishing their workout. As they pass by the vending machines, a couple of them stop and begin considering the choices. This could be good or bad. The problem with a lot of gym vending machines is that they are stocked with snacks and beverages that don't really lend themselves well to a healthy lifestyle. They are counterproductive to the gym mentality.

Along those same lines, the Daily Mail ran a story on 21st May talking about vending machine choices. Writer Mary Kekatos interviewed several nutritionists for the story. Not surprisingly, the nutritionists favoured products like popcorn and nuts while not speaking very highly of chocolate bars, crisps, and biscuits.

How the nutritionists weighed in on typical vending machine items is not surprising. It's common knowledge that traditional vending snacks aren't very good for us. They are high in sugar, high in saturated fats, and full of empty calories. Those kinds of choices may be appropriate for vending machines in some locations, but they aren't the best choice for gym vending machines.

Your Guests Want Good Stuff

If you operate a gym or leisure centre, consider the clientele you serve. Yes, there may be a small number of guests who visit your facility once or twice never to return. There are others who come regularly but are not serious about getting in shape. But the vast majority of your guests are people genuinely interested in a healthy lifestyle. They want to see good stuff when they pass by your vending machines.

The nutritionists interviewed for the Daily Mail piece spoke glowingly of popcorn. Popcorn is made of a whole grain that is high in fibre. It comes with a minimal calorie cost and very little sodium and fat, provided it's not coated anything extra like toffee or butter.

Nuts are another good option. They are high in omega-3 fats, low in carbohydrates and calories, and substantial enough to leave you feeling full for quite some time. Compare that to a chocolate bar that temporarily boosts your blood sugar but leaves you hungry shortly after you eat it.

Sport Nutrition Sells

Your guests want something good and substantial after working out. They want snacks and beverages that will replenish their depleted bodies with more than just sugar. Your gym vending machines really need to be stocked with sports nutrition products that offer guests what their bodies are really craving.

Look, we've been in the sport nutrition vending business for a long time. We know there is a temptation to be sceptical of healthy products. But trust us when we say that sport nutrition sells. Stock your gym vending machines with the right stuff and guests will buy it. We know from personal experience.

So what do you say? Are you willing to go with the opinions of experienced nutritionists on this? If so, let's talk about new gym vending machines for your site.


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