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Nutritional Sports Products May Lessen GP Visits

Nutritional Sports Products May Lessen GP Visits

At Nutrivend we want to help gyms, leisure centres, sports grounds and swimming pool management to offer the best nutrition to their clients. We all know the importance of an effective diet working with regular exercise to maximise health levels but the theory doesn’t always turn in to practice.

Before, during or after an exercise session on your premises do your clients tend to eat unhealthily? Are your on site vending machines stocked with foods that cancel out their exercise achievements and offer little or no recovery benefits?

Don’t let that continue.

You may have investigated nutritional sports products before but you decided against having a vending machine because of cost or time implications. It seemed like a hassle that you could happily avoid. Maybe the unhealthy snack vending machine operator convinced you to continue using them and they added a few “healthy” food options to the product range. “Healthy” possibly translated as low fat and high sugar or low sugar and full of additives. They probably weren’t tailored to sports nutrition.

Hydration And Nutritional Sports Products

If you’re still reluctant to see that nutritional sports products make a difference, then we can take the example right back to basics.

You may believe that most exercisers know how to maintain hydration levels, to rehydrate effectively, when to take a sports drink instead of water, which drinks work and which ones are counterproductive.

If so, this finding may surprise you:

  • National Hydration Council studies have concluded that 1 in 5 visits to GP’s are hydration related.
  • 10% of people who see their GP’s for fatigue and tiredness simply need effective hydration.

These statistics are across the population but must include people who take exercise and neglect their hydration levels which leads to aches, pains, fatigue and a reluctance to exercise again thanks to its ramifications.

A standard fizzy drink can’t hope to compete with water or a sports hydration product.

The first steps are education, not stocking the incorrect products and offering scientifically proven vending machine solutions that won’t lead clients to their GP.

Fully Managed Vending Machines

Nutrivend offers nutritional sports products in their branded and unbranded vending machines. You can have self-managed vending machine solutions but if you want to have facilities installed and largely forget about them please take advantage of our fully managed vending machine packages.

  • We deliver and install for free.
  • Do all the maintenance and stock management for you.
  • You can set up different payment methods on the machines.
  • Enjoy a wide range of nutritional sports products from leading suppliers.
  • Have as many machines around your establishment as you wish.

The core benefits are that by taking our fully managed vending machine solutions you have minimal workload, excellent Nutrivend service and your clients can achieve the optimum results and recovery with sports nutrition products. This makes them return, motivated by progress. They’ll see that your endeavours regarding fitness and diet are helping their cause.

Fully managed vending machines are one phone call or e-mail away.

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