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Nutritional Branded Vending Machines

Nutritional Branded Vending Machines

If you run a sports centre, gym, leisure centre, community centre, dance school, swimming pool or pitches then please read on…

Why should you choose nutritional sports products?

Is anything more counterproductive to exercise than a poor diet and the habit of heading to a vending machine that’s full of unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks which will ill equip the consumer before, during and after their chosen activity?

Nutrivend’s experts don’t believe that when someone is in an establishment with the purpose of facilitating a heathier lifestyle that they should be met with disadvantageous food and drink. That’s why nutritional sports products and vending machine services became our focus, if not our passion.

A largely sedentary lifestyle and/or poor diet affects health adversely but almost every illness that we know of can be beaten, eradicated or assisted by exercising and eating wisely.

A soldier wouldn’t go in to battle unarmed so why allow exercisers to battle for fitness without adequate equipment? In this case, fuel for the exertion and recovery.

By delivering one or more of our branded vending machines to your premises we can work together to strengthen your clients.

What do Nutrivend do for clients?

Nutrivend has two nutritional branded vending machines services:

  1. The fully managed package which is:
  • Tailored to your business.
  • Includes a free branded vending machine.
  • Machines can have cashless payment systems or note readers.
  • Requires no input from your staff.
  • All stocking and maintenance tasks are managed by Nutrivend’s team.
  • Technical assistance is readily available.
  • Point of sale material is supplied to increase revenue.
  1. Self-managed rental vending machine services:
  • Include a free vending machine delivery and installation.
  • Either unbranded or branded vending machine opportunities.
  • Client control of stocking and replenishing the machine.
  • A Nutrivend Account Manager’s services.
  • An optional maintenance programme.

Why have branded vending machines?

You are free to choose the option that suits your operation but branded vending machines add an air of authority and endorsement of the nutritional sports products which allows customers to feel secure in your expertise, care levels and fulfils their wish to maximise their experiences using your facilities.

Which brands does Nutrivend stock?

We stock the market leading foods and drinks which have been scientifically tested and proven.
Products are intended to be consumed on the go, before, during and after exercise.

Our nutritional sports products vending machines contain:

  • Kinetica
  • My Protein
  • Scmix
  • Ufit
  • Maxi Nutrition
  • Nutramino
  • Oatein
  • USN
  • Lucozade Sport
  • Highland Spring

What are the benefits to the establishment?

You’re doing all you can to make your clients visit to your establishment beneficial with maximised exercise levels and recovery sports nutrition.

Convenience and confidence can deliver future business and recommendations from clients.

That’s perfect, everyone at your premises can enjoy the feel good factor.

We’re delighted at the thought of working with you so please contact our team to discuss how we can help you obtain nutritional sports products and branded vending machines with us, the fastest growing company in the market.

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