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Nutrition Researchers: We Need Food Industry Participation

Nutrition Researchers: We Need Food Industry Participation

A recently released report from the Office for Strategic Coordination of Health Research (OSCHR) contains information that should be important to the entire food service industry, including companies that manufacture sports nutrition products. The report calls for greater participation in nutrition research among industry players in order to make implementation of research conclusions more practical. We cannot argue against such an assertion.

According to the report, the overall quality of nutrition science and research in the UK is still very high. But what the report describes as the "mechanistic" understanding of how research is applied in order to create healthier foods for the general public needs improvement. The OSCHR is urging food industry stakeholders to consider becoming active participants so that research can yield more tangible results.

If we understand the OSCHR's position correctly, we are doing a fine job of researching what constitutes the best possible nutrition for our people. Where we are falling down is in implementing what we learn from research in the day-to-day manufacture, packaging, and distribution of food. We can certainly see that being the case with sports nutrition products.

Make Healthy Products Better

The sports nutrition products that we stock our vending machines with are among the best such products in the industry. Even so, every product on the retail market can be improved – ours included. There may be healthier ways of manufacturing sports drinks and energy bars, for example, or better ways of packaging them to maintain quality without sacrificing nutritional value. Functional foods come to mind here.

The goal, according to researchers, is to take all the knowledge being gleaned in the lab and apply it to the very processes involved in getting food into the hands of consumers. Some of the research done over the years undoubtedly applies to sports nutrition and vending. We would certainly be open to looking at new ways of doing things based on research that shows sports nutrition products can be improved for the benefit of those who purchase them.

Time to Start Sharing Knowledge

In light of the OSCHR report, the Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research have agreed to create a new nutrition research partnership that will put the recommendations of the report into action. This includes the development of channels through which research organisations and industry players can begin sharing their knowledge with a mind to create a more healthy nutrition ecosystem.

The partnership will also produce strategies for linking cohort studies with established traditional research, and epidemiological studies to practical implementation of research conclusions.

If all this seems to be more than you want to get involved with, we understand. Still, it does not prevent you from installing sports nutrition vending machines on your premises. Machines from Nutrivend are stocked with sports nutrition products that are a healthier alternative to soft drinks, sweets and chocolates, and other unhealthy snacks. Our vending machines are perfect for your gym, leisure centre, or sporting complex.


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