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NHS Makes the Case for Adoption of Healthy Vending Machines

NHS Makes the Case for Adoption of Healthy Vending Machines

In 2017, NHS England chief Simon Stevens made it clear that hospitals under his jurisdiction had to reduce the volume of sugary drinks sold on their premises. Now that the numbers are in, it looks like Stevens' strategy has worked. And without even knowing it, he and NHS England have made the case for adopting healthy vending machines at NHS hospitals.

As reported by the Daily Mail, NHS facilities in England were selling sugary drinks at a volume equal to 15.6% of the total drinks sales at this time last year. The most recent numbers look a lot better. Sugary drinks made up only 8.7% of total volume.

So, what does any of this have to do with healthy vending machines? A lot, actually. Mr Stevens never ordered NHS facilities to get rid of vending machines. Furthermore, his demand to reduce the sale of sugary drinks was not limited to vending machines. It included all sources of beverages. It was an across-the-board kind of edict. As the dust settled on the most recent numbers, vending is still going strong at NHS facilities.

People Want Vending Choices

The reality is that people want access to quick snacks via vending machines. Reducing the volume of sugary drinks has not dampened the appetite for vending choices. People are still buying quick snacks and beverages from vending machines on the way to their offices, consultation rooms, etc.

Now, consider this: you cannot leave vending machines spaces empty after removing sugary drinks or you risk a significant reduction in both revenue and profits. You have to fill the empty spaces with something else. So why not replace the sugary beverage you took away with a healthier alternative?

That's the kind of thing we do here at Nutrivend. We offer an alternative to sugary drinks and fattening snacks. We don't mind that some people prefer those kinds of snacks. It’s a free country after all. But we're also smart enough to know that if you give people healthier choices, they will make those choices pretty frequently.

By mandating NHS England hospitals cut down on the volume of sugary drinks sold, England's health organisation has proven that offering healthier food choices is viable. And by extension, they have made the case for healthy vending machines.

Healthy Vending Machines in Every Hospital

If we had our way, every hospital in the NHS system would be stocked full of healthy vending machines. We are even willing to be the nationwide provider should the NHS happen to read this post and decide to run with it. We would welcome the opportunity to show just how viable healthy vending is.

We've been in this industry for decades; we know that a well-placed vending machine with attractive products generates profits. We also know that healthy vending sells. If you'd like to know more about how adding our healthy vending machines can generate additional revenues for your business, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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