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Let's Talk Leisure Centre Vending

Let's Talk Leisure Centre Vending

In recent months, we have noticed a lot of new stories relating to local leisure centres throughout England. For example, one leisure centre in Hertfordshire made the news by offering a free day of workouts in October. Another was profiled for a contest offering a free, 30-day membership to the winner. This is all great news if you are a supporter of leisure centres, as we are. But we would like to expand the topic by talking about leisure centre vending.

Across the UK there are local leisure centres servicing everything from small towns to densely populated city neighbourhoods. We love our leisure centres because they offer us a place to relax, get some exercise, and spend time with friends and family. And while some local leisure centres are closing for lack of funding, most are prospering thanks to the active community members who use them.

At nearly every leisure centre you will find different options for snacks and beverages. This is where leisure centre vending becomes important to us. As a company with decades of experience in the vending industry, we have developed a sports nutrition solution for leisure centres looking to enhance their vending options.

What We Do

The leisure centre in your local area may have a range of vending machines dispensing popular snacks like crisps and chocolates. It may have machines that dispense cold and hot beverages, too. But do your leisure centres vending machines offer healthier choices?

Our sport nutrition programme for leisure centre vending focuses on providing vending machines with options ranging from protein bars to energy drinks. All the products in this category are designed to provide people with more healthy snacks before and after their workouts. Still, patrons do not have to be engaged in heavy workouts to enjoy the nutritional food options we offer.

Nutrivend is fully supportive of vending choices of all kinds. There is plenty of room for more traditional vending choices alongside our healthier vending machines. Having said that, it makes no sense in this modern era of health consciousness to offer leisure centre vending that does not include healthier options.

Contact Us to Learn More

Nutrivend is a name that represents quality choices for leisure centre vending. When you work with us to create a nutritional vending solution for your centre, you are working with a company that has decades of experience in vending. We provide the machines; we stock the machines and keep them clean; we provide all necessary maintenance.

As a facility operator, your only job is to provide us with the necessary floor space. We handle everything else while sharing the proceeds with you. Could you ask for a better deal? Probably not.

Leisure centres are mainstays in UK communities. We think that's great. We are doing our best to support leisure centres and the patrons who visit them by offering nutritional vending options. If you are looking to change up your leisure centre vending, contact us to learn more.

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