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Let's Keep Sport Nutrition Solutions in Perspective

Let's Keep Sport Nutrition Solutions in Perspective

The BBC published an article on 21st August (2018) discussing the number of teens using protein supplements and other similar products. The article was very informative on the one hand, but possibly too alarmist on the other. Many of us in the sport nutrition industry believe the topic needs a little bit of perspective.

It's important to keep sport nutrition solutions in perspective so we don't find ourselves guilty of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. While it is true that we don't know if excessive consumption of protein shakes and the like is safe for teens, we also don't know that it's dangerous either. To imply that it is simply because of a lack data is not a good way to approach either nutrition or sports.

A better way to go would be to advise moderation for both teens and adults alike. In the meantime, researchers can conduct the necessary studies to determine the safety and efficacy of sport nutrition products consumed by teens.

Not a Quick Fix

The concern here arises from a mindset that began emerging about 20 years ago. When products like protein shakes first hit the market, their main audience consisted of amateur athletes looking to bulk up. Protein shakes and other supplements were seen as a way to add muscle mass when used in accordance with a daily workout. For right or wrong, the marketing was spot on.

Unfortunately, consumers began viewing sport nutrition solutions as a quick fix for body types they weren't happy with. Teens and adults both started using supplements in large quantities in the hope that doing so would help them improve their physiques.

The reality is that no single dietary supplement or nutritional solution is a quick fix. If a person truly wants to add muscle mass effectively and safely, doing so requires proper nutrition and a well-designed exercise programme. It also requires hard work. Trying to get around good nutrition and hard work almost always leads to negative consequences.

The same is true for people on the other end of the scale. Attempting to lose weight with some sort of nutritional quick fix is not going to work. If a person tries multiple quick fixes in too short a time, they could even be dangerous. Losing weight and keeping it off requires changing the way a person thinks about nutrition and exercise.

Products with the Purpose

Using sport nutrition solutions improperly is never a good idea. However, the products we stock in our vending machines are products with a purpose. They are not intended to be nutritional quick fixes for weekend warriors or amateur athletes. They are not intended to be a substitute for daily nutrition. Rather, they are there to provide supplemental nutrition between healthy meals.

Let's not jump onto the 'sport nutrition is bad' bandwagon just because some products have been used improperly. Let's keep the proper perspective and use sport nutrition products as originally intended, then all will be fine.



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