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Leisure Centre Vending: Why Snack Choices Matter

Leisure Centre Vending: Why Snack Choices Matter

Freestanding vending machines are one way to provide leisure centre guests with snack options when café service is not possible. The question is, what kinds of snacks are guests being offered? Snack choices matter because they directly affect what people put into their bodies. If your leisure centre or gym has freestanding vending machines, what are you offering your guests by way of snack options?

Having been involved in the nutritional vending business for many years, we've seen competitors come and go. One of the ways we have maintained the strong market share we enjoy is by focusing on the types of nutritional vending products customers demand. We know snack choices matter to them.

Rebuilding Worn Muscles

One of the reasons people are so hungry after a vigorous workout is that the energy stored in their muscles and other tissues has been depleted. Moreover, their muscles have been worn out by the exercise. Hunger is the body's way of saying it needs more fuel. So ideally, a person would want to refuel with a snack that helps boost energy and rebuild those worn muscles.

Protein bars and drinks targeted at athletes were originally invented for this very purpose. That's why we stock them in our nutritional vending machines for leisure centres. Guests are looking for high protein snacks, and we are happy to provide them.

Empty Calories Are Useless

The body also needs a quick infusion of calories following vigorous exercise. Calories are what the body uses to generate energy. The problem with things like fizzy drinks and chocolates is that their calories are what nutritionists classify as 'empty calories'. They are calories that do not provide any nutritional benefit. So while they may offer a temporary boost of energy, there are no associated nutrients the body needs to rebuild and replenish following a workout.

It is far better to provide healthy snacks with rich calories that both boost energy and provide additional nutritional benefits. Once again, that's what the healthy snacks dispensed by Nutrivend machines offer: nutrition-rich calories wrapped in snacks that taste good.

Changing How Guests Snack

One last thing to consider in relation to snack choices and why they matter is the reality that snacking habits can be changed. If leisure centre guests are only given unhealthy choices, they will develop the bad habit of eating unhealthy snacks following their workouts. Bad snacking habits can negate many of the benefits of exercise.

On the other hand, healthy snack options can lead guests to develop healthier snacking habits. Over time, their snacking habits can be changed entirely to healthier habits. That just has to be a positive thing.

The reality is that snack choices matter. As the owner or operator of a leisure centre, we encourage you to give serious consideration to the kinds of snacks you offer guests. If they aren't healthy snacks, we hope you'll give us an opportunity to change that. Contact us to learn more about our vending options.

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