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Leisure Centre Vending in the Wellness Era

Leisure Centre Vending in the Wellness Era

What does the leisure centre in your local area look like? If you have things like a swimming pool, squash courts, and pitches for football, your local centre is fairly typical. If you are fortunate enough to live near a leisure centre that includes a wellness spa, rest assured that your local facility is on the cutting edge. As a company involved in leisure centre vending, we are seeing more facilities looking at similar improvements.

Upgrading leisure centres with wellness facilities is an increasingly popular trend throughout Great Britain. Operators and suppliers have come to understand that modern consumers tend to view leisure activities through the same lens of wellness that filters other areas of their lives. People are taking a more holistic approach to life, and they want the local leisure centre and be part of that.

That's all perfectly fine with us. We are firmly committed to leisure centre vending that caters to a holistic, wellness approach. There's no need for a leisure centre to offer snacks and beverages with no nutritional value when so many better choices exist. From energy bars to sports drinks to healthy snacks, a leisure centre's vending choices can fit perfectly with a holistic approach to wellness. They don't have to work against that approach.

Leisure Centres Are Catching On

So, how hot is the wellness trend among local leisure centre operators? According to Health Club Management, some centres that installed wellness spas years ago only to see demand fall, have reported tremendous growth in the last few years as a result of revitalising those spas.

They cited one leisure centre in Kent that has had a wellness spa since the mid-1980s. Operators completely stripped the space and spent £400,000 giving it a complete refurb. It now offers its members a steam room and sauna, an impressive ice feature, accessible showers and baths, and more. Since the refurb, visits to this spa have jumped from 5,000 annually to 22,000.

Most of the additional visits were made by users with annual or health and fitness memberships. This suggests that following a wellness approach doesn't require recruiting new members in order to be financially sustainable. Existing members want wellness facilities and they are willing to pay for them.

How Vending Fits In

At this point, you may be wondering how leisure centre vending fits into all of this. It's actually quite simple. Step back and think about the current vending situation in your local leisure centre. What kinds of foods and beverages are offered in those vending machines. Are the selections compatible with the concept of wellness?

Our leisure centre vending strategy is focused on providing nutritional and functional foods through the vending model. We can go into any leisure centre and completely replace an existing vending solution with new machines stocked with the kinds of healthy foods and beverages leisure centre members want. We can make vending work very well in the wellness era.

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