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Is There a Place for eSports in Sport Nutrition Solutions?

Is There a Place for eSports in Sport Nutrition Solutions?

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business. So it was with great fascination that we recently learned about a new, emerging sector that may or may not work well with what we do. The sector is esports, and it's becoming a hot commodity in Europe. It's causing us to wonder if there is a place for esports in sport nutrition solutions.

Traditional sport nutrition solutions concentrate on foods and beverages that will enhance both training and performance. The industry got its start providing specially formulated foods for sports men and women in everything from football to tennis and swimming. But it quickly caught on among the part timers as well. Now sport nutrition solutions are popular even with people who just want to eat healthier while they're at the gym or leisure centre.

eSports and Nutrition

So what is this esports thing? It is competitive gaming on state-of-the-art video game machines. Believe it or not, there are now professional leagues that pit the best gamers in Europe against one another to win titles, cash prizes, and bragging rights.

Some esports games are played individually while others are played by teams working together to achieve a goal. Furthermore, the games don't necessarily have to be video representations of traditional sports. It is true that there are plenty of football and hockey games out there, but even 3D shooters and role-playing games are part of the mix.

In terms of nutrition, there is a growing trend among experts in esports that suggests gamers could benefit from specially formulated foods that help increase concentration, problem solving, speed, cognition, memory, and endurance.

The esports industry is already worth some £244 million in Europe alone. It pays out some £1.6 million in prize money every year. Given that esports is so competitive, there seems to be an opportunity here to get on the nutrition band wagon. Players are likely to purchase and consume specially formulated foods if they believe those foods will increase performance.

eSports and Vending

We are always looking for a vending angle – because that's what we do. Stepping back and looking at esports nutrition from a business point of view, there appears to be a terrific opportunity here. We can see esports nutrition vending machines placed on university campuses, for instance.

Other places where gamers would gather in decent numbers would also be prime locations. And of course, vending would be a no-brainer at any and all venues that feature competitive games. Whenever there is a tournament going on, there should be esports vending machines within easy reach.

We are curious to see how this industry develops over the next few years. In the meantime, our more traditional sport nutrition solutions may be a perfect addition to your facility. Whether you operate a leisure centre, gym, or any other facility that is already hospitable to traditional vending, sports nutrition vending is a perfect fit for your business.


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