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How Fitness Vending Can Help with New Year's Resolutions

How Fitness Vending Can Help with New Year's Resolutions

The end of January brings an end to New Year's resolutions for a lot of people. That is unfortunate, but it is the way these things work. We start out establishing our New Year's resolutions with as much sincerity and commitment as we can muster. As 1st January rolls into the 10th, then into the 15th and on through the end of the month, our resolve tends to fall as fast as the mercury in the thermometer. Well, you can help people keep their New Year's resolutions with fitness vending.

Let's say you own a company with 50 employees on the payroll. You offer vending machines in your company breakroom. If you poll each one of the employees, we're willing to bet that at least some of them made a New Year's resolution to lose weight. Others have resolved to get more exercise. Still others have decided they want to adopt a healthier diet even if weight and exercise are not a concern.

You can help all three by giving them healthier vending options. That's what fitness vending is all about. Rather than stocking our machines with biscuits and crisps, we offer healthier options ranging from protein bars to dried fruits. It is our way of giving people more options. Some appreciate it; others don't care either way.

Why Fitness Vending Matters

It's easy to believe that fitness vending won't make a difference in the long run. However, scientific studies have shown otherwise. Let's take a look at a 2014 study undertaken by Northwestern University in Chicago, IL (USA). The study tested customer actions by placing nutritional vending machines alongside more traditional options in Chicago parks.

The data showed that people purchasing from the vending machines were buying more healthy snacks than unhealthy snacks. The Chicago Tribune specifically mentioned purchasing granola bars and dried fruit over crisps and donuts. Moreover, the data showed that consumers were happy to do so.

Almost 90% of the consumers polled said they were satisfied with the healthier choices. That satisfaction was demonstrated in their purchases. The healthier vending machines brought an average of £260 per month, over the course of a year, as compared to £59 per month from traditional vending machines.

We All Want to Be Healthier

Forty years ago, it may have been more difficult to sell fitness vending in a world that was still embracing tobacco consumption and convenience foods. But times have changed. Most Western cultures have come around to the idea of living a healthier lifestyle rooted in good nutrition, regular exercise, and plenty of restful sleep.

The emergence of the healthier lifestyle mindset makes right now a great time to begin offering fitness vending in your office. By giving your employees healthier choices, you can help all of them make better decisions about what they eat. You can also help those who made New Year's resolutions relating to their eating habits keep those resolutions more easily. Isn't that a worthwhile cause?


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