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Hospitals: The Next Frontier for Healthy Vending Machines

Hospitals: The Next Frontier for Healthy Vending Machines

As a UK leader in fitness vending, we are always looking for new opportunities to get our machines into profitable locations. Our healthy vending machines can be found in gyms, leisure centres, sporting venues, and anywhere else customers looking for healthy eating options tend to congregate. Now we have our eyes set on a new target: hospitals.

Over the years, we have seen a rising tide in the healthcare sector, a tide of encouraging more healthy food and beverage choices. Interestingly enough, the trend is not just emerging here. Throughout Europe, the Americas, and even the Asia-Pacific region, there is a new call to make sure people who are already dealing with health problems in a hospital environment do not add to those problems by making unhealthy eating choices.

As just two examples, consider Australia and Northern Ireland. The Australian government is now making a concerted effort to force hospitals to replace traditional vending choices with healthier vending machines that dispense things like fruit, water, and functional foods. In Northern Ireland, Food Standards Agency chief medical officer Michael McBride recently came out and said that hospitals and healthcare food operators must provide healthier options to combat obesity.

Here in Britain, NHS England recently directed hospitals to change the way they do business so that sugary drinks constitute no more than 10% of total beverage sales. At Oswestry hospital in Shropshire, sugary drinks are to be banned altogether. They won't even be served in the hospital's on-site café.

Healthy Vending Machines Are the Answer

It's not up to us to decide whether the actions being taken by government agencies and hospitals are right or wrong. Our job is to provide the alternatives they need once the decisions have been made. We do that with our healthy vending machines and the products we stock them with. Every time one of our vending machines goes into a new space, we are offering consumers the opportunity to make better food and beverage choices that could ultimately lead to better health.

If you are a hospital administrator or a decision-maker in the healthcare food service industry, our question to you is this: is there room in your future plans for healthy vending machines? If not, there should be. All you need to make healthy vending work for you is a willingness to embrace the concept and enough floor space to accept a couple of machines.

As a leader in fitness vending, Nutrivend takes care of all the hard work for you. You give us the floor space and let us handle everything else. We will deliver and install your healthy vending machines in strategic locations throughout your premises. We will keep those machines stocked as well as handling routine maintenance, cleaning, and collections. You will benefit from the extra money the vending machines generate while your patients or customers benefit from more healthy eating choices. Everyone is a winner!


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