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Homeless Vending Machine Won't Stock Sports Nutrition Products

Homeless Vending Machine Won't Stock Sports Nutrition Products

It's normal for sports nutrition distributors like Nutrivend to spend a lot of time pushing the products we sell and the machines we use to sell them. Every once in a while, we need to step back and take a look at the world outside the confines of our own business. We recently did that, and discovered a new vending machine in Nottingham that will not be stocking sports nutrition products. It is a vending machine for the homeless.

Homelessness has increased quite a bit in the UK in recent years. As reported by the Independent, the Shelter charity estimates there are now some 307,000 people without homes. The charity also claims that the number of homeless has increased by about 13,000 just in the last year alone. Cuts to housing benefits and the introduction of universal credit is partly to blame, says the Independent report.

The idea behind the vending machine is to give homeless people access to fresh fruit, sandwiches, socks, and sanitary towels 24 hours a day. If the Nottingham pilot goes well, the handful of organisations that have come together to launch it plan additional machines in Manchester, London, and Birmingham.

How It Works

Though the new vending machine will not be stocking sports nutrition products, the mechanics of how it works are identical to any of the machines Nutrivend has in service. The machine is stocked with the chosen items to be accessed by homeless individuals with the right credentials. The big difference is that users will not be inserting money or credit cards in the machine.

Instead, Shelter partnered with The Friary to come up with a way to distribute access cards to the homeless based on eligibility requirements. Only those with the right access cards will be able to use the vending machines. They will insert their cards, make their selections, and wait for them to be dispensed.

Vending That Helps People

As one of a number of sports nutrition distributors in the UK, we realise that there are a lot of people out there down on their luck. And whether anyone of us agrees with the plan to offer vending machines to the homeless, it cannot be argued that the need for charity seems to always go up during the festive period. Offering machines is just one small way to help people in need.

We sincerely hope that the vending machines will meet the needs of those who use them. Even as we look for new ways to solve homelessness and poverty, vending that helps people get by is not a bad place to start.

In the meantime, we invite you to consider sports nutrition vending for your place of business. Though our machines are most appropriate for gyms and leisure centres, you can put a healthier vending machine in any location where vending is already suitable. Please contact us for more information about our vending solutions and the products we stock.


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