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Health and Wellness Industry Continues to Boom
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Health and Wellness Industry Continues to Boom

Health and wellness has been a significant driving force in the food and beverage industry in recent years. However, experts maintain that there is more to come. As increasing numbers adopt cleaner eating strategies, demand for health and wellness products is expected to rise in 2020.

January to March is typically the busiest quarter for most health, wellness and fitness businesses. As people begin their New Year resolutions, gym memberships increase, and sales of healthy products rise. While this first quarter will, inevitably, be successful for the health and wellness sector, companies can capitalise on the healthy eating movement throughout the year.

What businesses can benefit from sports nutrition?

As more and more people explore health and wellness products, businesses are seeing significant revenues from related retail opportunities. With Nutrivend’s simple sports nutrition solutions, any business can increase its revenue by incorporating health and wellness products into their commercial strategy.

Some of the most popular sectors and businesses to offer these retail opportunities include:


While some hotels have an inhouse restaurant, only a very small minority offer round-the-clock room service. This means that guests are often forced to look elsewhere for food. While some hotels have already increased their revenue by installing strategically placed vending machines on site, they have yet to take advantage of the demand for healthier products.

As most standard vending machines contain crisps, sweets and chocolates, thousands of hotel guests throughout the UK are left with minimal choice when it comes to accessing healthy food. As well as catering to health-conscious guests, the increased sustenance offered by sports nutrition products ensures guests can access a more satisfying snack from a Nutrivend vending machine.

Gyms and spas

Gyms and spas base their business structures on customers who want to enhance their health and fitness. Of course, the people walking through the doors are already taking active steps to build muscle mass, lose weight, increase stamina and improve their cardiovascular fitness performance.

When it comes to securing a target market for sports nutrition, gyms and spas are at the top of the list. While a considerable number of gymgoers are already active users of sports nutrition products, those who aren’t are more likely to try health and wellness products.

Furthermore, consuming sports nutrition prior to a workout can enhance the benefits of exercising. Similarly, many gymgoers choose to eat or drink this type of product following a workout in order to increase the rate of muscle repair. In addition to this, exercise can increase hunger. With the potential to purchase a quick and healthy snack on site, gym and spa members are increasingly likely to use these facilities.

As increasing number of gyms operate extended opening hours, members can workout at almost any time of the day or night. However, this doesn’t mean that on site cafes and nearby eateries are also available. For gyms which do offer extended opening times, the presence of a Nutrivend sports nutrition vending machine can be even more advantageous.

Apartments and flats

Apartments and HMOs are being constructed in all areas of the UK, although they are more prevalent in larger towns and cities. Typically, however, there are no retail opportunities on site. While large apartment blocks may have hundreds of residents, owners and developers are missing out on the opportunity to boost their revenue.

Whether homeowners are craving a late-night snack or tenants are looking for an early morning boost, a vending machine is the obvious answer. As well as providing convenience, Nutrivend sports nutrition vending machines enable owners and developers to benefit from the booming health and wellness industry.

Increasing revenue with sports nutrition

Businesses that choose to stock sports nutrition products can generate increased revenue immediately. With major health and wellness brands investing in multimillion pound marketing campaigns, companies that sell related products can benefit from this marketing at no extra cost.

Furthermore, stocking food and beverages via a Nutrivend sports nutrition vending machine requires no additional storage, staff or security on your premises. With various management and services options, Nutrivend vending machines are ideal for unstaffed locations.

To learn more about the benefits of Nutrivend for your business, get in touch with us today. Simply contact Nutrivend on 01443 719 411 or email us at and find out how you can become part of the health and wellness revolution.

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