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Gym Vending Machines with Coconut Water and Salads

Gym Vending Machines with Coconut Water and Salads

We consider ourselves fairly progressive as far as vending companies go. After all, Nutrivend is all about healthier vending options for leisure centres, gyms, and other outlets where health-conscious people gather. That said, our vision for healthier gym vending machines is one of the reasons we're not surprised to learn about a new vegan option that just popped up in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is known as being a forward-thinking city willing to embrace things other major metropolitan areas are not quite ready for. Enter the first ever 24-hour vegan vending machine that has made its way to a location at the corner of Bourke and Spring streets in Australia's second most populous city.

This revolutionary vending machine offers selections like coconut water, fresh salads, three kinds of juices, a black tea known as kombucha, chia chocolate, and a variety of vegan sandwiches. The machine may not necessarily be targeted at fitness vending, but offering vegan options is certainly something different.

We wondered how such a machine would fare here in the UK. We are seeing a very strong trend toward gym vending machines offering healthier options, but we may not be ready for vegan vending.

A Niche Market?

The UK is by no means the world's leader in vending. We have far fewer vending machines per capita than countries like Japan, the US, and France. So that leads us to wonder whether vegan vending is really a niche market. Perhaps the new machines in Melbourne will do quite well. Indeed, other companies have launched similar vending machines in Australia and enjoyed limited success.

In the UK, the market for vegan vending may not be so reliable. Vending here is more about satisfying that afternoon craving for something sinfully sweet. UK vending machines tend to offer things like pop, chocolates, crisps, and the like. Still, vending machines for vegans might succeed with the right kind of marketing.

Our own experience with fitness vending tells us that you just need to find your audience and then figure out a way to tell them what you offer. This is exactly how Nutrivend has been transformed from a small company offering gym vending machines to one of the fastest growing sports nutrition distributors in the UK.

Do You Offer Sport Nutrition Vending?

Time will tell if the vegan vending machine works in Melbourne. In the meantime, does your gym or leisure centre offer sport nutrition vending? If not, why not?

Leisure centre and gym vending machines represent an excellent source of revenue for very little investment. And as long as you are considering vending machines for your space, you might just as well think healthy. Leisure centres and gyms are the perfect location for vending machines stocked with the healthy snacks your fitness conscious guests prefer.

If you'd like to know more about Nutrivend vending solutions, reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We can design a vending solution that is perfect for your property.


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