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Gym Vending Machines: Don't Let Users Snack on Rubbish

Gym Vending Machines: Don't Let Users Snack on Rubbish

Exercise does not always need to be high impact and exhausting but the World Health Organisation recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day.

Isotonic - The joints move and the muscles lengthen and contract.

Cardiac - Improves muscles so that oxygen can be used more efficiently to lessen heart strain.

Isometric - Muscles contract but there is no movement in the joints.

Isokinetic - Exercise with a machine. e.g. spinning classes.

Strengthening - Working a muscle and allowing it to contract. Cells produce proteins.

The weight of the exerciser influences the impact of exercise, for example:

15 minutes of aerobics by a person who weighs 100lbs burns around 70 calories and a 200lb person would burn around 135 calories during the same activity.

There is one truth that cannot be avoided. If their first stop before or after exercise is to a vending machine that sells high sugar and high fat nutrition lacking food and drinks then they will undo any good work.

Gym Vending Machines Should Not Sell Unhealthy Products

The quantity of toxicants which can be found in everyday products is unnerving.

If we asked you to eat a potential cause of cancer you’d be horrified and class us as insane but every time someone consumes processed meats, crisps, fizzy drinks and refined sugars they imbibe carcinogens, the toxins that can lead to cancers.

Chemicals can survive in the human body for up to five years. What is eaten today can impact on the health of your client in the next decade. Please don’t let them eat rubbish.

Healthy and organic products are frequently free of harmful chemicals and pesticides and harness the power of nature but they aren’t prohibitively expensive. That’s a myth.

Nutrivend are proud experts who wish to avoid counter productive non nutritional gym vending machines activities by supplying free vending machines for gyms so that when a snack hunter reaches the vending machine they will be met by an excellent range of nutrition packed refreshments which consolidate their exercise.

Our products are designed for before, during and after exercise so that the temptation to binge eat calories is diminished substantially.

Mother Nature has provided Nutivend with assistance in this area. Exercise is an antidepressant which eases stress through cortisol reduction. It positively impacts on mood, aids thought processes and best of all, endorphins released during exercise can make comfort food much less desirable. It’s temptation that scuppers plans to treat the body well.

Our Gym Vending Machines can be rented and self managed or taken on a fully managed basis in which Nutrivend stock and maintain the nutritional vending machine and its contents.

In both instances we deliver and install free vending machines. Yes free, with no hidden charges or conditions.

You and your client base deserve the best facilities and products and Nutrivend match these with experience, knowledge and proactive customer service.

For more information about our free vending machines please contact our friendly team.

We’d be honoured to work with you.

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