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Good News: Sport Nutrition Is Big for Footballers

Good News: Sport Nutrition Is Big for Footballers

News that a major sport nutrition products manufacturer has signed deals with six major football clubs is good news for those of us in the sport nutrition vending industry. Why? Because football sells. Actually, sports in general are good for our business from a marketing standpoint. It's actually quite understandable when you step back and think about it.

Football fans want to emulate their favourite players in everything from the clothes they wear to the food they eat. If they see their favourite clubs making a concerted effort to embrace sport nutrition, fans are likely to do the same thing themselves. That means more opportunities for sport nutrition vending in those places where sports fans congregate.

Six Clubs Sign on with SiS

In reference to the news this post started with, six top football clubs have signed on to make Science in Sport (SiS) their official suppliers of sport nutrition products. Three of the six are Football League teams while the other three come from the Scottish Premiership.

SiS has characterised the deals as being very important to their growth strategy in the professional sports space. Prior to landing the six new teams, the company already had contracts with more than 40 clubs, including seven in the Premier League. That shows you just how far the SiS reach extends.

You might already be familiar with this company if you have seen their products on retail store shelves. SiS manufactures a complete inventory of sports nutrition products including energy bars, energy powers, hydration tablets, and isotonic gels, according to a story published by the website.

What's Good for Footballers...

So, just how do we tie this into sport nutrition vending? Very simply. What is good enough for footballers is also good enough for your customers. Whether you operate a gym, leisure centre or other sports-related venue, you are always looking for the kinds of products that will benefit your customers and keep them coming back at the same time. Offering the same kind of products the pros are consuming offers built-in marketing.

Let's say your vending solutions include machines stocked with so-called 'healthy' foods made by companies that don't specialise in sport nutrition. You may sell a decent volume on a regular basis, but think of what could happen if you replaced those products with alternatives from a well-known sport nutrition company like SiS. Suddenly, those customers who would have otherwise passed by your vending machines now stop to make a purchase.

Nutrivend is firmly committed to sport nutrition vending because we know how solid it is from a business standpoint. Sport nutrition continues to grow year-on-year, and it is fuelled by deals like the one SiS just struck with the six football clubs. If you are offering vending in your gym or leisure centre, it's time for you to get on board with sport nutrition vending. Your customers want sport nutrition products; you might just as well sell them.

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