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Go Ahead – Buy a Down Body-Warmer from a Vending Machine

Go Ahead – Buy a Down Body-Warmer from a Vending Machine

Regular readers of our blog know that in our quest to demonstrate just how viable healthy gym vending machines can be, we're constantly looking for other vending opportunities that seem to defy the traditional industry model. We found another one. This time it's in San Francisco.

Visitors to San Francisco International Airport no longer need to go into a clothing store to buy a stylish down body-warmer. For a mere $50 investment, they can purchase a Uniqlo design directly from a vending machine. It's all so quick and easy. Just insert your credit card, choose your size and colour, and off you go.

Making Big Money

Maybe you're not impressed. After all, anyone can put a vending machine in a major airport. The question is whether or not they are making money. In a word, yes. The Daily Mail reports that the branded vending machine is generating roughly $10,000 a month. At $50 a pop, that's 200 down body-warmers sold every month, or seven or eight per day.

So why are people willing to spend $50 on a vending machine down body-warmer? No one really knows for sure, but one theory is the power of image. The body-warmer is apparently now a fashion statement among Silicon Valley execs. Think Amazon's Jeff Bezos, here.

You've probably seen pictures of him strolling through Southern California wearing his signature shades and grey body-warmer. He looks so cool that it's almost intolerable at times. Other local execs who want to be just like Jeff have adopted the garment too.

Location and Audience

We've always said that the key to successful vending is rooted in two things: location and audience. These two principles are as important to our gym vending machines as they are to the company behind the down body-warmers in San Francisco.

Uniqlo has found a niche in a location that sees countless numbers of Silicon Valley workers passing through every day. They have found the perfect place to sell body-warmers out of a vending machine, relying on heavy foot traffic from their target audience in a setting that is super convenient.

We do the same thing with gym vending machines. We understand our target audience consists of gym-goers and weekend warriors who spend time at the gym doing whatever they do. Following a strenuous workout, they need something to eat and drink. We place our healthy vending machines in ideal locations to grab their attention before they head off to the café. And because we offer healthy products that we know our target audience wants, we get their business.

If you find yourself in San Francisco International Airport, take a look around and see if you can find the down body-warmer vending machine. In the meantime, let's talk gym vending machines for your establishment. We can get you set up with a vending solution that will generate more revenue for your business, and with little-to-no effort from you.


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