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Fulfil Potential With Proven Sports Nutrition Products

Fulfil Potential With Proven Sports Nutrition Products

When someone takes advantage of membership at a fitness suite, whether this is a privately run or council managed enterprise, they can reasonably expect the following:

  • Professional and safe equipment – from cross training machines to kettlebells and weights to press machines.
  • Attractive and clean surroundings.
  • Easy access to effective, knowledgeable staff.
  • Health and safety adherence.
  • An assessment and unique training plan.
  • Secure lockers and changing rooms.
  • Showers.
  • TV and wi-fi.
  • Refreshments/snacks.


  • Towels, robes.
  • Access to a sauna or steam room.
  • Remedial therapies/physiotherapist.

What they should be able to depend on is that the establishment’s staff, the ethos and environment join to maximise their exercise and fitness level potential. A private fitness suite’s annual membership fee can cost over £1000 so this isn’t an unreasonable hope for excellence on their part. It should be a goal of the team at the suite too.

To be the best, work with the best

A primary way to optimise achievement levels is to be proactive sports nutrition distributors. Utilise Nutrivend’s expertise and healthy vending machines stocked with leading brands’ like Ufit, Kinetica and Oatein and only the best scientifically proven sports nutrition products.

Would you ask clients to nip down the road for a fast food feast before or after exercise? No? Then why stock counterproductive food and drink products?

Sports Nutrition Products:

  • Increase energy levels.
  • Aid post exercise recovery.
  • Assist with weight management.
  • Develop and strengthen the body.
  • Encourage good health.
  • Improve concentration.

Healthy fuel intake

Healthy vending machines ensure that clients are correctly fuelled before, during and after exercise. As clients realise the benefits of using your facilities, including your foresight in being sports nutrition distributors, with our help, you’ll be rewarded with happy clients who are pleased to recommend your fitness suite to their friends and family.

From a business perspective, a small investment in sports nutrition products delivers an excellent return on investment. On a personal level, you’ll be confident that when a client chooses your fitness suite that they won’t find a better alternative. You’ll be providing a complete package.

Hassle free solutions

If you’d like to use sports nutrition products but are concerned that the management, restocking and payment aspects make this prohibitive, we understand. That’s why we offer two healthy vending machine options to establishments:

  1. The self-managed healthy vending machine:
    • Includes a free vending machine.
    • Free delivery and installation.
    • Choose an unbranded or branded vending machine leasing option.
    • Enjoy control of stock replenishment.
    • A Nutrivend account manager is available to help you.
    • An optional maintenance programme can be taken.
    Alternatively, let Nutrivend’s team take the responsibilities from your shoulders with our fully managed package.
  2. The fully managed sports nutrition distributors package:
    • Free branded vending machine.
    • Our machines can have note readers or cashless payment systems.
    • Requires no effort from staff.
    • Stock and maintenance management are with Nutrivend.
    • Swift access to technical assistance is guaranteed.
    • Point of sale material helps increase revenue.

We’re ready to assist, please contact us to learn more about sports nutrition products.

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