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Fitness Nutrition and the Fickle Consumer

Fitness Nutrition and the Fickle Consumer

What would you say if we told you that the Atkins diet was back? Well it is, sort of. One of the latest crazes in the diet world is the keto diet, a diet that follows the same basic principles as Atkins but with an emphasis on replacing carbohydrates with specific kinds of fats. It is a diet that might appeal to the same kinds of customers we target for fitness nutrition.

The keto diet is not actually a new diet. It is a diet that has long been used to treat children with epilepsy who don't find relief in other ways. The diet emphasises reducing proteins and carbohydrates and increasing certain kinds of fats. The body then uses those fats as energy (because there are fewer carbohydrates) resulting in weight loss and better control of blood sugar.

So why mention this alongside fitness nutrition? Because the fickleness of consumers is bound to doom the keto diet just as it did the Atkins diet before it. Lots of people will latch onto keto, follow it in order to shed some unwanted pounds over the course of three or four months, and then return to their old eating habits. That's the way dieting works. Only a small number of devoted keto followers will make it a permanent way of life.

In the fitness nutrition business, we are fully aware of how fickle customers can be. Product demand comes and goes based on the latest trends in consumerism. It is as true in fitness vending as it is in dieting, fashion, and even entertainment. Simply put, nothing lasts forever.

We Make It Work with Vending

The reality of the fickle consumer may lead you to believe that trying to keep up in the vending business is not possible. Yet just the opposite is true. The fickleness of consumers actually helps us in the long run. Remember that vending sales are primarily impulse sales. And because fads of all kinds are also impulse driven, we just have to keep an eye on current trends to know what to stock in our vending machines.

Fitness nutrition in the vending realm is a matter of stocking machines with the kinds of products consumers will want at the very moment they see them. Let's say we place machines in your gym or leisure centre. Customers just finishing their workouts will be craving a quick burst of energy. If they come upon one of our vending machines that offers a high carb, high protein energy bar, they are going to be tempted to purchase.

As a vending provider in the fitness nutrition space, we benefit from constantly changing trends and fads. When we hear about the re-emergence of the old Atkins diet in the form of the keto diet, we consider that good news. It gives us some direction about the products we should be stocking in our machines. And when keto fades, we will respond to whatever replaces it.


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