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Fitness Nutrition and Age Don't Have to Be at Odds

Fitness Nutrition and Age Don't Have to Be at Odds

A funny thing happens to people as they age. Actually, a lot of funny things happen. But we are speaking specifically of how people eat as they get older. For some reason, our culture has adopted the practice of not paying attention to healthy eating in our later years. It doesn't have to be that way. You can be a pensioner and still pay attention to what you eat.

We want to go on record as saying fitness nutrition and age do not have to be at odds. We believe that the sport nutrition products our vending machines dispense are as good for older people as they are the young. Good nutrition is good nutrition at any age. The only thing that's different for older people is how their bodies respond to different kinds of food.

For example, our bodies need more protein the older we get. So an older person who lived mostly on fruits and vegetables in his/her younger years may experience a loss of muscle mass, a weaker immune system, and other problems that result from a lack of protein. A big part of good nutrition for him/her would be increasing protein intake.

Here are some other things to consider:

1. Some Extra Weight Is Good

The West has been on a diet kick for the better part of 50 years. That is not necessarily a bad thing when you are talking about obesity. And yes, a lot of us could probably stand to lose a few pounds. But as you grow older, a little bit of extra weight is good for you. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, "having a bit of extra padding at a later age can provide essential support to your body and brain for the years to come."

2. Drastic Dietary Changes Aren't Necessary

Assuming you have maintained a healthy diet all your life, drastic changes aren't necessary just because you're getting older. This is a common myth among seniors. They assume that because their metabolism has slowed down they need to eat less. It's not true.

Along those same lines, don't believe the stomach shrinking myth. Just because you feel less hungry now than you did when you were 20 doesn't mean your stomach is smaller. It's the same size as it always was. You're less hungry because of a slower metabolism. Keep eating the same healthy way you have always eaten. Just make some minor modifications to account for different nutritional needs.

3. Keep Getting Regular Exercise

No discussion about fitness nutrition would be complete without discussing exercise. A lack of regular exercise is one of the biggest hindrances to good health as we age. The body needs regular exercise, so do not slack off just because you have put on a few years.

Fitness nutrition and age do not have to be at odds. Hopefully this post has helped you understand that a little bit better.

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