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Fighting Junk Food Addiction with Fitness Vending

Fighting Junk Food Addiction with Fitness Vending

There are a lot of great reasons for embracing fitness vending for your place of business. If you're not motivated by sales trends or the fact that more and more people are demanding healthier snack options, try this reason: embracing fitness vending actively puts you in the battle against junk food addiction.

Junk food addiction is a global problem as evidenced by 2016 study published by the Lancet medical journal. Data from the study indicated that as many as 20% of adults across the world will be obese in under a decade. Here in the UK, 38% of our adult population is already obese. We are worst in Europe.

According to Coach Magazine, the problem all boils down to junk food. As Coach contributor Joel Snape detailed in a September article, food manufacturers go out of their way to make sure the ingredients they put in their products entices customers to keep eating it. This makes perfect sense when you look at food production from a business standpoint. Unfortunately, manufacturers do this as much with junk food as they do healthy food. They design junk food in a way that entices people to eat more than they should.

We won't go into the details of how food manufacturers accomplish this, because it's enough to know that they do it. The evidence of its harmful effects was revealed by a well-known study called the Cafeteria Diet. This study showed subjects eating an average of 1,544 calories per day, day over and above what was considered necessary, motivated by unfettered access to vending machines filled with junk food.

A Healthier Alternative

We have made the point in previous blog posts that we have no problem with vending companies filling their machines with snacks like chocolate bars, cakes, and crisps. Every industry needs choices if it is to flourish, and that includes the vending industry. But for too long our industry has been dominated by junk food. We aim to change that by pushing back with fitness vending.

If your place of business currently has vending machines, what is in them? We encourage you to seriously consider embracing fitness vending in order to improve the choices you are offering customers. It's great that they have all those other snacks to choose from, but they also need healthy alternatives as well.

The typical fitness vending machine offers things like protein bars, energy drinks, yogurt, and fruit-based snacks. These are the kinds of smacks health-conscious people want. If your place of business is a leisure centre or gym, you have even greater incentive to embrace fitness spending. Your customers are more likely to buy a protein bar than a chocolate bar if given the choice. So give them that choice.

Research shows that the world is addicted to junk food. You can help turn things around by embracing fitness vending as an alternative. You can enlist in the fight against junk food by giving your customers healthier choices.


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