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Empower Your Clients With Nutritional Vending Machines

Empower Your Clients With Nutritional Vending Machines

Vending Machines for Gyms

You may not realise that vending machines have existed since around 215BC when a mathematician called Hero invented a vending device.

When a bronze coin was inserted in to it the recipient could drink the holy water that was dispensed until a weight snapped the mechanism closed.

However, it was the Industrial Revolution that led to the popularity of vending machines in the UK, initially they were used for cigarettes and postcards. Today, their machine descendants offer the height of technological excellence in the world of vending.

Whilst the UK may not boast 1 vending machine per 23 people like Japan, people are familiar with the concept and how to purchase a food or drink product simply and conveniently.

The only problem is that vending machines don’t necessarily stock the products that should be on offer within a sports centre, gym, swimming pool or activity/leisure centre. There’s an unhealthy supply of chocolates, crisps, sugary drinks and the nutritional content is negligible.

It shouldn’t be this way! Let’s take the vending machine back to Hero’s invention. It offered a positive and much needed and respected resource.

At Nutrivend we don’t offer holy water but we do supply sports nutrition solutions. We’ll introduce you and your clients to the most effective and scientifically proven foods and drinks that allow your customers to fuel themselves optimally before, during and after their exercise session.

Nutritional Vending Machines

We all know that a healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand so here’s an easy question – which of these experiences would you prefer your establishment to deliver:

1. Spinning class of 45 minutes, customer feels hungry and wanders to a vending machine with unhealthy snacks in it. They purchase products that will give them an energy boost followed by the inevitable bust. They drink a fizzy drink which doesn’t help their hydration and recovery from exercise process, it just adds more calories than have been burned off in the spinning class. They feel guilty but consume their items anyway.

2. Spinning class of 45 minutes, customer feels hungry and wanders to a sports vending machine with healthy snacks in it. They purchase fresh cool water, they know they’ve perspired a lot and need to rehydrate. The snacks look appetising and many contain proteins and B vitamins which will restore energy levels effectively and work to repair muscles. It’s no more expensive than the unhealthy option and gold star for achievement and feel-good factor, they haven’t undone their hard work by eating and drinking the wrong items.

At present, which experience do you offer? If it’s option 1 then please talk to one of our friendly sports nutrition solutions team about renting or managing one of our nutritional vending machines.

Delivery and installation are free and you can self manage the stock and maintenance or leave the responsibilities with our helpful team.

We don’t mind which option you take advantage of but let’s work together to maximise sports nutritional vending machines potential and your clients’ experiences.

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