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Can Dairy Products Be Part of Sport Nutrition?

Can Dairy Products Be Part of Sport Nutrition?

Dairy Nutrition Products

Here at Nutrivend, we are always looking for innovative ways to combine sport nutrition and vending. As such, we keep an eye on the news within our industry. One of the more recent stories we came across detailed a Dairy Council student award established four years ago to encourage young people to come up with new ways to use dairy products in the sport nutrition arena.

Can dairy products be part of sport nutrition? Absolutely. Despite some of the negative attention dairy has received over the years, dairy products offer important nutritional benefits that should not be ignored by anyone who wants to develop and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Researching Milk and Dairy

The Dairy Council has teamed up with the British Dietetic Association to sponsor the 2017 Dairy Council Sport Nutrition Award intended to encourage research into the relationship between dairy products, exercise, and athletic performance. The Council wants to encourage students studying either general or sport nutrition to consider how milk and dairy can be beneficial to both recreational and competitive sports.

"Through this award, we hope to inspire the next generation of sport nutritionists and researchers to further investigate the benefits of dairy products, and put it into practice in their future careers," said the Dairy Council's Lydia Cooper. "It's a fantastic platform for aspiring sport nutritionists to showcase their work on recreational sport nutrition or elite performance nutrition."

We couldn't agree more.

The More Options, the Better

Our position here at Nutrivend is pretty clear: the more options we have to offer consumers, the better it is for everyone involved. Right now, sport nutrition vending focuses heavily on energy drinks, nutrition bars, healthy snacks, and the like. We would be thrilled to see manufacturers begin offering more dairy-based products as well. Adding dairy to our selection would give us even more options for creating happy customers.

If you own a business that would profit from sport nutrition vending, you don't have to wait until the introduction of large numbers of dairy products to start making money. Sport nutrition vending is one of the fastest-growing forms of vending worldwide. You can get involved right now by installing one or more machines on your site.

Vending is traditionally geared toward taking advantage of impulse sales. The philosophy is no different in sport nutrition vending. Strategically placed vending machines can take advantage of the natural desire to eat following rigorous exercise. The key to what we do is providing consumers with healthy, nutritional choices in line with their desire to stay fit and perform well.

For more information about how sport nutrition vending can benefit your business, contact us right away. We can help you establish a great plan for your business, a plan that could be highly profitable without any significant investment of finances or labour. You provide the open floor space and we take care of the rest. Entering the sport nutrition vending arena couldn't be easier.


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