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A Sports Nutrition Distributor's Shout Out to Grenade

A Sports Nutrition Distributor's Shout Out to Grenade

Sports nutrition distributors like Nutrivend owe a lot of our success to the companies that make the products we sell. For example, consider the Grenade brand. No amount of careful vending machine placement could have helped us build a successful business without great brands like Grenade. We want to use this post to offer the wonderful couple behind Grenade an official Nutrivend shout out.

Grenade founders Alan and Juliet Barrat were profiled in a Sun article published on 7th September 2018. The article detailed how the couple began their business with a single weight loss capsule only to grow it into a multi-million-pound operation that manufactures and sells protein bars, shakes, and spreads. We are proud to feature Grenade bars and shakes in our vending machines.

Finding a Need and Filling It

It is often said that the key to success in business is finding a need and filling it. That's exactly what the Barrats did. More than 10 years ago they realised that the sport nutrition industry was lacking something important: nutrition bars that actually tasted good.

Kudos to them for figuring this out. Nothing is worse than trying to eat in a healthier way only to discover that you cannot stand the taste of the foods you're being told to eat. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike have been facing that dilemma for decades.

Think back to the early days of protein shakes. They may have been packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, but they tasted terrible. Only the most disciplined athletes could force themselves to drink up. As for protein bars, they used to taste a lot like cardboard. Many still do.

Alan Barrat told the Sun that he had grown frustrated with the sport nutrition industry when he and Juliet decided to start Grenade. Having worked in the industry most of his adult life, he couldn't believe that overall quality was still so low. Even working with American products as a sports nutrition distributor in the late 90s, he couldn't find good quality products he was proud to endorse.

The solution? Make their own. Alan and Juliet launched their new business and took four years to get their first product right. After that there was no stopping them. Grenade is now one of the most successful sports nutrition companies in the UK.

Their Products Are Excellent

From our perspective, a secondary key to successful business – beyond finding a need and filling it – is to fill the need with great products. That's what Grenade has done. We would consider their protein bars and shakes excellent by all standards. That's important to us at Nutrivend.

We are committed to stocking our vending machines with only the finest brands on the market. We have no intention of risking our own reputation by selling sport nutrition products that taste like cardboard. So with that said, a big thank you to Grenade. Your great work has helped us do what we do.


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