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5 Strategies for Maximising Leisure Centre Vending

5 Strategies for Maximising Leisure Centre Vending

Here at Nutrivend, we talk a lot about how nutritional vending can benefit leisure centres. We explain how patrons of these establishments are already concerned about their health; how they tend to make healthier food choices to complement their exercise regimens. We want to use this post to go one step further.

Working with Nutrivend to put nutritional vending machines on your premises is just the start of improving the bottom line. You have to combine vending machines with tried-and-trusted strategies that maximise their productivity. So, using the typical leisure centre as an example, we have five strategies for you to think about.

1. Machine Placement

Every leisure centre has a traffic pattern easily observed just by watching how people move around. In order to maximise leisure centre vending, machines have to be placed in those locations where they are most likely to be utilised. Often times this means placing them in high-traffic locations. However, that is not always the case.

Look around and observe. Where do you most see people drinking from water bottles or opening pre-packaged protein bars? These are the locations you want for your vending machines. You want to place them where people are more likely to see and be tempted by the products inside.

2. Product Choices

As long as you are observing traffic patterns, also play close attention to the food products patrons are consuming. Whatever they bring with them to the leisure centre, they might be willing to purchase from a vending machine. If you see a lot of sports drinks, make them a priority. If you see a lot of dry snack foods or fruit-based products, make sure to stock them as well.

3. Effective Lighting

Vending is very much an impulse industry whether machines offer healthy or unhealthy snacks. A big part of impulse is visualisation. Therefore, machines should be place in areas with good lighting. Overhead lighting is a plus, but if you can get a light or two shining directly on the display portion of a vending machine, customers will be more likely to stop and take a look.

4. Machine Cleanliness

Hand-in-hand with lighting is machine cleanliness. People will not purchase drinks and snacks from a dirty machine no matter how healthy the products inside. Machines must be kept spotlessly clean. Nutrivend vending specialists clean machines when they stop by; your staff should be cleaning them in between visits.

5. Signage

Have you ever noticed that hotels and motels put up signage directing patrons to vending machines? You should do the same. Signage makes it possible to get the attention of patrons who will realise, upon seeing a sign, that they are hungry. The sign will immediately direct them to the nearest vending location.

Leisure centre vending can be extremely profitable if property owners attempt to make it so. We are here to help. Contact Nutrivend and let us help you devise a vending strategy that will benefit your bottom line.

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