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5 Keys to Leisure Centre Vending Success

5 Keys to Leisure Centre Vending Success

We frequently use our blog posts to demonstrate the similarities between leisure centre vending and vending in other environments. This post takes a different tack. While the vending we promote is similar to other kinds of vending, it does have some unique aspects as well. Knowing and understanding what makes leisure centre vending unique will help you succeed as a Nutrivend client.

The best way to explain this is to offer you the following five keys to leisure centre vending success:

1. Vending the Right Products

Regular readers of our blog know that vending machine operators put some pretty crazy things in their machines. We have seen everything from salads to knitted hats for cats. When you're talking leisure centres though, you have to be more careful about product choices. Remember that you are catering to a niche audience. Your customers are people who appreciate things like protein bars and power drinks. Don't try to reach them with crisps and chocolates.

2. Stock Well-Known Brands

People who spend a significant amount of time at the local leisure centre tend to be the kinds of people who are choosy about their brands. This is something we have learned through years of experience. That's why our machines feature well-known brands like Starbucks, Grenade, USN, Highland Spring, and Nutramino.

The more power brands you stock, the more successful your vending machines are likely to be. If you're already a Nutrivend client, rest assured that we will continue to carry all the best brands in the industry.

3. Talk to Your Customers

The previous two points are supported by the third one: talking to your customers to find out what they want. There's nothing worse than having machines that don't produce only to find out they would have done a whole lot better had you just stocked one or two key products. You can glean valuable feedback by asking your customers their opinion. It only takes a second, and it really makes a difference.

4. Choosing the Right Locations

Location is everything in the vending business regardless of what you're selling. But in a leisure centre, certain locations produce different kinds of results. Things like energy drinks and protein bars do very well situated close to areas where people work out. Spring water, milk, and espresso drinks do much better in general population areas, especially in leisure centres that have cafés.

5. Keep Your Machines Clean

Last but not least is the basic principle of keeping machines clean. The leisure centre environment is one in which people are accustomed to pushing themselves to do their best. Walking by a dirty vending machine gives customers the impression that the property owner is unconcerned about presentation. That could harm sales.

Leisure centre vending is similar to other kinds of vending in some ways, but unique in others. If you are looking to add a vending solution, we invite you to contact us. Working with Nutrivend could be your best business decisions ever.

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