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3 Trends Now Influencing Sport Nutrition Solutions

3 Trends Now Influencing Sport Nutrition Solutions

Earlier this year, we published a blog post detailing some of the trends the sport nutrition industry would be watching for the remainder of 2017. This post is kind of a follow-up, except that it deals with more long-term trends that are influencing sport nutrition solutions right now.

Sport nutrition is by no means a new industry. However, it is an evolving industry that has gradually been transformed from one focusing mainly on sports drinks and energy bars to one that is now looking at things like functional foods, vegan choices, and organic snacks.

Our observation tells us there are three long-term trends that have been very influential in moulding our industry over the last 12 months. They will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

1. Changing Customer Base

Sport nutrition solutions of the past were aimed primarily at athletes. For example, protein powders were first developed for bodybuilders. We also produced food products for footballers, swimmers, and other competitive athletes in both the professional and amateur ranks. Today, our customer base is much broader.

Quarterly statistics show us that sport nutrition solutions in the UK are growing among a core group of customers who are not necessarily athletes. Though they may exercise, they are more attuned to living a healthy lifestyle more so than competitive sport. Yet they are embracing sport nutrition because they associate it with a healthy lifestyle.

2. Changing Distribution Channels

We have also noticed a shift in distributions channels for sport nutrition. Obviously, a big part of that shift is the online marketplace. According to a report published on the NUTRA Ingredients website earlier this year, roughly 60% of all sales in our industry occur online.

Personally, we have noticed an upswing in sales through vending channels as well. Our business has grown substantially thanks to an increasing number of gyms, leisure centres, hospitals, and workplaces opting for sport nutrition vending to either replace or complement more traditional vending solutions.

3. The Need for Better Flavour

Finally is the need for products with better flavour profiles. In the early days of sport nutrition, flavour was not seen as a big deal inasmuch as the primary target audience was more concerned about results than taste. But now that our customer base is changing, we are discovering that flavour profiles are more important than ever before. Discriminating customers want something that tastes good as well as being healthy.

Right now, fruit flavours seem to be the big draw for this new base. A well-balanced fruit flavour can overcome the not-so-appealing taste of protein and other ingredients without the accompanying guilt that often comes with chocolate. Furthermore, fruit flavours are perceived as being healthier among the buying public.

At Nutrivend, we strive to stay abreast of current trends that affect our industry. In so doing, we are bettering our own business as well as increasing the profit margins of customers who utilise our sport nutrition solutions.


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